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Chomp, chomp: Who would win the NHL's Luis Suarez Best Bite Award?

Luis Suarez made headlines at the FIFA World Cup Tuesday for all the wrong reasons. His third biting incident will surely lead to a suspension. But this got us thinking. Biting has a bit of a history in hockey, too.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

To some hockey fans, soccer is closer to a punchline than a beautiful game. The low scoring despite huge nets. The gradual pace. And the diving. Oh, the diving. Our players would never be so obviously unsportsmanlike! #pleaselikemysport

Tuesday, the headline-making play of the day at the FIFA World Cup came in the Italy-Uruguay game, which Uruguay won 1-0 to eliminate the Azzurri. But it wasn't the goal and it wasn't a dive. It was Luis Suarez biting a dude…again.

If you're not familiar, Suarez has a history of this sort of thing. He's been suspended in club play twice before for chomping down on an opponent: seven games in 2010 and 10 games in 2013. And he's up for review again on this one.

But is this an incident cocky hockey fans can point at and laugh? Not exactly. Hockey has a bit of a biting history to it as well. If you're a Montreal or Toronto fan, you're probably familiar with this recent incident, when Mikhail Grabovski seemed to nibble on Max Pacioretty.

But that's only scratching the surface. Dave Manson was suspended three games in 1990 for biting then-Washington Capitals defenseman Scott Stevens. And if you'll take a look at this highlight package, you'll see a number of fairly recent biting events - and of course you'll remember the Alexandre Burrows Stanley Cup final incident in 2011.

The Burrows bite became somewhat of a joke in that Cup final. Max Lapierre made light of it. The Bruins taunted Burrows with it. Lucic tried to shove his fingers down Burrows' throat (but didn't threaten to kill him, so there's that).

Diving may not be as big of a problem in hockey as it is in soccer (though it is a problem), but biting sure is more prevalent.

In honour of Tuesday's NHL Awards, which hockey player would win the Luis Suarez Chomper Trophy, sponsored by Colgate?

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