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Chris Dingman

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: NHL left winger from 1996-2006 with Calgary, Colorado, Carolina and Tampa Bay. Currently serves as a TV analyst for the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sun Sports Network and morning radio co-host on 98.7 The Fan in Tampa.

July 6, 1976 In: Edmonton, Alta.

First Hockey Memory:
"Playing knee hockey in my house. Going outside when my dad made the outdoor rink and playing with kids who were way bigger than me. I just remember how cold my toes were. It was so much fun. I just wanted to stay out there and keep playing."

Hockey Inspirations
: "Who inspired me? Growing up in Edmonton, obviously Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier. Messier because he brought that nasty, physical side and he was still a skill player. He was a player I tried to emulate and really, really looked up to."

"Dinger. Got that from playing baseball. And Dish when I was in Colorado, from a couple of Czech guys (Martin Skoula and Milan Hejduk). I had one game where I had two assists, which was a really good game for me. So a couple of Czech guys were like, ‘You're the Dish Man.’ People always ask me how did you get the nickname Dish? I had one good game.”

Current Car:
"I have a Porsche Cayenne (metallic silver)."

Last Book Read:
"I'm reading one now – by Scott Weiland's wife or ex-wife (Fall to Pieces by Mary Forsberg Weiland). The one I read before was (Theo) Fleury's book (Playing with Fire)."

Greatest Sports Moment:
"Playing my first game. I was in Calgary. I was actually playing with Theoren Fleury and Andrew Cassels and we were lined up against Steve Yzerman, (Darren) McCarty and I forget who the left winger was. I kinda looked over and went, 'Holy s---, what am I doing here?!' It was really a surreal moment. Being out there with guys I looked up to and playing the Red Wings, they were such a good team. I think that and obviously winning the Stanley Cup, the last one in Colorado, was pretty awesome."

Most Painful Moment:
"I think a slapshot in the face, one off my nose. My very last regular season game in junior (with Brandon). Wade Redden took a slapshot and hit me square in the nose. I went into the dressing room and got it broken and got it put back into place after it was broken. Then I went out and actually scored a goal. But that wasn't a lot of fun. The doctor, a female doctor, she was too scared to break it. So I was like, 'Just break it.' She kept fiddling with it. It was extremely painful. ‘Just snap it. Just snap it once. Because it just hurts once.’ That wasn't a lot of fun."

Favorite Uniforms:
"I like the new Lightning ones. I like the simplicity of them. I like the bolt down the side. I like the old-school ones. I like the old Flames one, obviously, because I was drafted by them. I always liked the Oilers one. Pretty simple blue and orange."

Strangest Game:
"Game 6 against Calgary in the final: was it a goal or wasn't it a goal? Then we came back and scored in overtime. Them almost scoring and then us coming back. I think it was in the second overtime. Marty (St-Louis) scored. It was definitely pretty strange but pretty cool."

Closest Hockey Friends:
"Dave Andreychuk and I are still pretty close friends. Marty St-Louis. Guys you win with, when you win together, you seem to stay in touch. Shjon Podein is a guy who, when we go out to Denver, we find a way to get together. So I'd say him also."

Funniest Hockey Person Encountered:
"I'd like to say myself, but Andre Roy was probably the funniest guy I ever played with. Some of the stuff he came up with - you couldn't understand him half the time. We had a lot of time together on the bench when we weren't playing, so we had a lot of fun. Adam Foote in Colorado, too. I was usually the butt end of his jokes, because we're such good friends. He's another guy that we'd hang out the night before."

Toughest Competitors Encountered:
"Adam Foote. He was a guy I played against in every practice. He was miserable to play against. We'd do five-on-fives. At the end of practice, he'd be crosschecking and slashing me. One time I actually knocked him down and he was yelling and screaming at me for knocking him down. ‘You just cross-checked me 10 times.’ He'd be laughing the whole time. Two other guys from my Calgary days were Todd Simpson and Jarome Iginla. The two of them would go back and forth. Every practice Todd would say, 'I'm gonna get him going.' He'd purposefully try to get him mad. And Iggy would get so mad. He, Simpson and Foote were miserable to play against - even though they were your teammates."

Most Memorable Goal:
"I didn't score that many, so I think it's just the first one against Patrick Roy. It wasn't the prettiest goal. You score the first goal and it goes in against a guy like Patrick Roy. It's surreal. Then you think you're gonna score like 40 or 50. I ended up scoring three, so it was pretty memorable."

Funny Hockey Memory
: "We lost 7-2…and the next day at practice we had this guy Alexander Svitov, who brought in the Russian national anthem. And he was playing it way, way too loud. Andre Roy and Svitov were singing it at the top of their lungs. Then John Tortorella came in and snapped the disc, snapped it in half. 'Don't ever f------ play that again!' That was pretty funny. Another one was Marc Bergevin. We were in New Jersey and he wasn't playing in the playoffs. He dressed up as one of the ice-clean-up guys with the jumpsuit on. We were going out on the ice and he was high-fiving everybody. That was pretty funny.”

Embarrassing Hockey Memory:
"I forgot my socks. So I had to wear these socks that were way too small, when I was 13 or 14. And my one shootout attempt, coming out of the lockout, we were playing a home game against Buffalo. There were 10 shooters and I think I was the 11th or 12th. Craig Ramsay kept saying, 'Put Dish in.' John Tortorella's like, 'No.' So they finally put me in. I had already loosened up my skates and taken all my tape off and undid my shoulder pads. And they said, 'All right, you're up.' So I went and I scored and I tried to turn and I blew a tire in the corner and fell into the boards. I was laughing because I scored. Skated by the bench and Jay McKee and (Andrew) Peters are like, 'What the hell are you doing out here?' I don't know, but I scored. That was embarrassing, but it was funny. You could see my shin pad was half off, off to the side. Usually in overtime I'm not gonna play. My feet hurt, so I'd open up the skates and take the tape off."

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey:

Favorite Players To Watch:
"Ryane Clowe. I love the way he plays. Milan Lucic, too."

Favorite Arena:
"Edmonton by far, just because the ice is so good and it's my hometown. Every time I’d go there I felt like I could skate a little bit faster. The first time I played in Chicago, Theoren Fleury told me, 'Wait ‘til you see the anthem.' I was like, 'What are you talking about?' He's like, 'Just wait ‘til you see the anthem.' Then everybody started cheering. I think the atmosphere was pretty cool. And Montreal, too, when we played Montreal in the playoffs. The place was rockin'. The old Maple Leaf Gardens, too."

Personality Qualities Most Admired:
"Sense of humor is one. If you have fun, it's good to be around those people. I'm a guy who likes to have fun, so I like to be around people who like to enjoy things and have a good time. I think honesty, too. That's all you want out of people, whether it's business or life or sports. You just want honesty out of people."

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