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Controversial no-goal costs Bruins game-tying tally, review ruled inconclusive

The Bruins had a review go against them Wednesday in New York against the Rangers, but an inconclusive review Thursday night left Boston frustrated and questioning the NHL’s ruling on the play post-game.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

In two straight games, the Bruins have had potential goals overturned, and while Boston could stomach Wednesday’s no-goal call — Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist appeared to trap the puck just before it crossed the goal line — fans, players and Bruins coach Claude Julien were all incensed about a similar call Thursday evening.

Eight minutes into the third period, Bruins center Patrice Bergeron batted a rebound back in on Panthers netminder Roberto Luongo before he could completely seal off the post. Bergeron’s attempt appeared to sneak just inside the right post and cross the goal line by the slightest of margins, but the play was reviewed, the potential goal was called off and the evidence was ruled inconclusive. Take a look:

It’s near impossible to actually tell, but it does appear as if the puck has completely crossed the goal line at that point. However, without a precise overhead view of the puck, the call is understandable, at the very least. As we’ve heard repeated back to us during countless reviews this season and seasons prior, the rules requires the puck to entirely cross the goal line, and if the league can’t confirm it has with visual evidence, the ruling is going to be no-goal almost every single time.

Post-game, Julien said he received a message from another coach asking how Bergeron’s shot could possibly be ruled no goal. Julien told media that he had no idea why it wasn’t ruled a goal, and said answers would need to come from the league.

“You need to call the league, because I can’t explain it, either,” Julien said, via’s Zack Cox. “I’m as baffled as you are right now, and I’ve looked at it many times here before coming in here. It looks like it’s in. It looks very conclusive. That’s two in two games now.”

Bruins winger Brad Marchand shared the sentiment that the puck looked in, and, Marchand said, the ruling was part of what cost Boston an important two points in the standings.

“From the angle we saw there on the Jumbotron it looked pretty clear,” Marchand said, via Cox. “So, it’s very frustrating. It would have been a 2-2 game, and we would have had the momentum, and then they scored shortly after that. So, it ended up ultimately costing us the game.”

With 86 points, the Bruins currently sit one point ahead of the Detroit Red Wings for the third and final divisional post-season berth in the Atlantic Division. However, the Red Wings have a game in hand and the Bruins’ loss of two points Thursday didn’t do anything to help their playoff hopes.



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