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Cory Stillman

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: Florida Panthers left winger. Has also played for Calgary, Carolina, Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Ottawa. Is one of six players to win consecutive Stanley Cups with different teams.

Ht: 6-foot Wt: 200 pounds

Dec. 20, 1973 In: Peterborough, Ont.

First Hockey Memory:
"Holy cow. Playing mite hockey and playing on the half-rink. They had boards they put on the middle of the ice. Two teams had to share one bench."

"Not too many, usually just Stiller and Stilly, that's about it."

Favorite Movies:
"I would say Gladiator."

Last Book Read:

Hockey Inspirations
: "You always have your hockey heroes – Mario Lemieux, Stevie Yzerman. As a kid, you want to be like guys like that. I was fortunate, I got to see Steve Yzerman; he played junior in my hometown. So that was a great time. You try to pattern your game after certain players and those were two guys, if you could get there, would be great."

First Job:
"Was a counselor at a hockey school. I was fortunate to stay in the game throughout the summer. Those are really my only jobs."

Current Car:
"I drive an Acura MDX."

Greatest Sports Moment:
"Obviously is winning Stanley Cups. I have two of them (2004 with Tampa and 2006 with Carolina) and you can't say which one is better, but they're both great and they're both different."

Most Painful Moment:
"I would say the first time when you get cut when you come to pro camp and having the disappointment of going back to junior or going back to the minors."

Favorite Uniforms:
"I still like Chicago and Detroit. I feel like the original uniforms, the plain Original Six have the best uniforms."

Favorite Arena:
"I like Joe Louis Arena, I like playing in there. Obviously, any rink you can be successful in is a good rink."

Funny Hockey Memory
: " I'd say Marc Bergevin probably would have most of those. Skiing behind a Zamboni or dressing up as a stewardess to serve food."

Funniest Player Encountered:
"Probably Marc Bergevin."

Toughest Competitor:
"Well again, that's different levels. I would say in straight-out fighting, I would probably say Tony Twist. I was young and he was an older guy, but he still put that fear into you (smiles)."

Strangest Game
: "An interesting one was I played a game in Buffalo, in the old Auditorium. They were going to cancel the game because of the ice condition. Almost every whistle they came out to check to see if we could continue play."

Most Memorable Goal:
"Right now I'd have to go with the one in Montreal, when I was in Carolina; Game 6, in overtime. It clinched the series and put us on our way to a good run."

Favorite Players To Watch:
"I would say it's fun to watch Crosby, Ovechkin; I think they're the most dominant players in the league right now."

Personality Qualities Most Admired:
"I like to see a true and honest person. That's the way I was brought up to be, to speak the truth and be honest. And that's the way most of the guys, if not all of the guys, in the NHL are."

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