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Dustin Penner, NHL king of pancakes, traded to Capitals on Pancake Tuesday

Dustin Penner once injured his back over a plate of pancakes, so isn't it fitting that he found himself traded on Pancake Tuesday?
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

In January of 2012 while a member of the Los Angeles Kings, Dustin Penner got a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

You see, he had just been forced to miss a game the night before from back spasms. Simple and innocent enough, until you recall when his back pains began bothering him - at the breakfast table, over a nice stack of flapjacks. That's when it becomes hilariously unfortunate.

This quote from Penner is an excerpt from Rich Hammond of LA Kings Insider when he wrote about the incident:

"I woke up fine, sat down to eat and it locked right up. It never happened to me before. I couldn’t stand up. I was probably at the third stage of evolution. So my wife helped me get dressed, and then I drove to the rink here, to hope they could do some magic and get it opened up. Kinger [trainer Chris Kingsley] just looked at me and said, `Go home.’ So I got some treatment and went home.

Apparently it’s one of those mysterious things, where you can throw it out (from) sneezing. I just leaned over to dip into some delicious pancakes that my wife made. It’s just like it [the pain] wraps around you and squeezes. … So it was disappointing. Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident, and not something that’s going to become chronic.”

Isn't it fitting, then, that Penner was dealt to the Washington Capitals for a fourth round pick today - National Pancake Day.

So when you sit down to the dinner table over a plate of maple syrup and delicious breakfast goodness, think of Penner. Somewhere, we're sure, Penner is celebrating the day, too.

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