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Fan Shootout: Kris Versteeg

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

What stickhandling drills do you do to improve your quick hands?

Broydon Stufko, Prescott, Ont.

In the summertime as a kid, I played tons and tons of roller hockey and ball hockey. I think it has to do with not being on the ice year-round. You have to do different things, you have to play different sports. And not only that, you have to play hockey in different ways and stickhandle with different objects other than just a puck. Stickhandle with a tennis ball that can bounce on you and try to do the same moves. I tried to do things like that and I think it can help you out a lot.

What is it like playing on a team full of young players?

Nolan Tallmadge, Lyndonville, Vt.

It makes it a lot easier, especially coming into the league being a young player. When you’re a young guy coming in on an older team, it makes it quite a bit harder, I’d assume. Coming in on a younger team, especially coming up with guys like (Colin) Fraser and (Troy) Brouwer just makes it so much easier coming into the room and being comfortable.

 What kind of feeling did you get after scoring the first NHL goal at Wrigley Field during the Winter Classic?

Curtis Parsons, Surrey, B.C.

You saw on my face, I looked pretty much stupid. I don’t know how else to put it. I was basically shocked. It was something I’ll remember for my lifetime. And not only that, but to walk out on Wrigley with all the fans screaming - it was emotional, but one of the coolest moments of my hockey career.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on any given team during your career?

Trevor Hartson, Minto, N.B.

I guess in Bantam AAA, when I was 15, my pants fell down. The buckle came out and my pants fell down.

Who is the player that treated you the best when you first came to Chicago?

Ethan Johnston, Mississauga, Ont.

There are a couple. Patrick Sharp, he really helped me out. He has kind of taken me under his wing. Any time I’m in a drought or a slump, he’s always talking to me. He treats everybody the same and he’s pretty amazing. Not only him, there’s Martin Havlat. He’s been absolutely sensational for me. I’ve always loved watching Havlat play, even as a kid. I always watched him in Ottawa when I was basically a kid. He’s always been a player who has really caught my eye and I’ve loved watching him, so now being able to play with him is pretty cool for me.

How do you deal with the media attention and fans who make up Chuck Norris-esque facts about you?

Emily Knab, Buffalo

Yeah, my buddies have been telling me about that lately and things like that. But whatever they want to say, they can say. It’s pretty funny. I mean, it comes with the territory. I don’t really think, or worry about it too much. I guess they’re pretty funny quotes. I mean, make as many as you want, because I guess it’s funny. I guess there’s hundreds of them.

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