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Fan Shootout: Marian Gaborik

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Is there a technique that you use to make you skate as fast as you do or is it pure leg strength?

- Patrick Iannattone, Montreal

I have a program in the summer that involves Olympic weightlifting as well as running and sprinting. I do some weightlifting during the season, too.

Growing up, who was your hockey idol?

- Eric Barbosa, Dublin, Ont.

Peter Bondra.

What was your reaction to Robyn Regehr calling you the hardest player to stop in the West?

- Ryan Mendes, Mississauga, Ont.

It’s great to hear. He’s a great defenseman and we usually line up against each other when we play. He’s hard to play against and Calgary is always a battle.

Who impressed you most in the NHL?

- Yvan Lecours, Princeville, Que.

Jagr, Forsberg, seeing Pavel Bure when he played…Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk are dominating in Detroit this year.

When you were a kid in Slovakia, how was the Stastny brothers fleeing to America presented to you by your parents, teachers, coaches?

- Phil Turgeon, Quebec City, Que.

Peter Stastny is an icon. I remember him playing at the Olympics in Lillehammer, but I don’t know if I was born when he left. No one says anything negative about him at home; he’s a great name for Slovakia.

What drills did you do to become such a good stickhandler?

- Sanjay Moorthy, Pasadena, Calif.

I actually don’t do many stickhandling drills. I always like to go on the ice early before practice and try out game-type situations, but I don’t do a lot of dipsy-doodles out there. If anything, I try to work on the quickness

and release of my shot more.

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