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Fan Shootout: Robyn Regehr

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Who are the hardest forwards to stop in the Western conference?

- Phil Lienert, New York City

First, probably Marian Gaborik. He’s so fast and has so much skill. Then there’s Joe Thornton. He’s big, strong, he protects the puck but he’s also a good passer, so he can make you look foolish.

If you could pick your all-time dream lineup around you, who would it be?

- Timo Tausta, Liminka, Finland

Martin Brodeur in net, Scott Niedermayer as a defense partner and Iginla, Gretzky and Lemieux up front.

How do you always get such a good hit on a player when he’s coming down on you?

- Jackson Fregeau, Kenora, Ont.

To start, you need to get a really good, tight gap on the guy. The closer you are to the player, the better. Second is to create an angle so you can eventually close in on him. And keep skating; always keep your legs moving.

What do you think about your brother Richie playing for Frankfurt this season?

- Tammo Lotz, Leipzig, Germany

I’m actually really excited for him. Frankfurt is the top team in the DEL right now, Richie’s healthy and he’s second or third in team points, even though he’s a defenseman.

What is your favorite pre-game meal?

- Danny Bader, Mitchell, Ont.

We always go to the same restaurant in Calgary and what I get is a caprese salad, which has chopped tomatoes, bocconcini cheese and some olive oil. Then I have a boneless, skinless chicken breast and pasta.

When you played minor hockey, did you know what position you wanted to play, or did it take awhile?

- Isaac Newell, Waterdown, Ont.

I had no idea. I actually started out as a center, but one year we didn’t have enough defensemen, so I moved back. That’s the thing about living in a small town; you fill in where you can.

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