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Fantasy Pool Look: Market correction

Is Brendan Shanahan in for a 97-point season? What about Chris Drury? Does 104 points sound about right for him?

We're now a month deep into the season and it is time for keeper-league owners to evaluate the talent they have, as well as that of the opposition. Now is the best time to get the most for your assets or pick up some cheap new ones. Get as much as you can for your overachievers and grab a handful of underachievers in return. In the stock market, the obvious theory is to buy low and sell high. This mantra applies to fantasy hockey as well.

The following are some players who, if you own them, would be worthwhile shopping around and seeing if somebody would overpay you for them. Following that list are some underachievers who are likely going to turn things around. If you can pick one of them up, you should be rewarded come March.


Brendan Shanahan, NYR – You may be able to get a player who will finish the season with the same points as Shanahan (probably in the mid-70s), plus a prospect who will help your team in the future. As long as the player you pick up is off to a slow start (see below under “buy low” for suggested players), it should be achievable.

Chris Drury, BUF – Drury will finish the year with 65-70 points. With his current pace, coupled with the promise he's showing on a high-scoring Buffalo team, he is in high demand. You could get two Chris Drurys for him. All you need to do is convince yourself he will slow down.

Michael Nylander, NYR – Linemate Jaromir Jagr nearly won the scoring title last season and Nylander picked up 79 points. You know things are not going to get any better than that. As such, Nylander's 112-point pace makes him overvalued.

Rod Brind'Amour, CAR – It's been 12 years since Brind'Amour last cleared 90 points. He's not about to do it again at the age of 36. In fact, 70 points is a stretch. If you're smart (and lucky), you can replace Brind'Amour's points by the end of the season, as well as add a prospect or some depth.

Ray Whitney, CAR – Whitney's 80-point days are behind him. Wait a minute – he's never had an 80-point season. In fact, his career high is 76 points, set three years ago. While the 34-year-old could pull off 70 points this year, it is best that you play the odds here. Whitney has missed at least 15 games due to injury in four of the last five NHL seasons. Play the odds and deal Whitney.


Erik Cole, CAR – Cole is on pace for 40 points, just one season after tallying 59 points in 60 games. He is worth more than this. Go get him.

Ladislav Nagy, PHO – This team is horrible and, other than Mike Comrie, all the forwards are underachieving offensively. Nagy is on pace for 48 points, but keep in mind that he had just nine points in 13 games to start last year. From there, he peeled off 48 points in 39 games. I don't know when he is going to hit his groove, but he will hit it.

Brad Richards, TB – You can set your watch to Richards. His production has improved or stayed steady every season since he was a rookie. He may have peaked at 91 points last season, but he will not slip back into the 70s again. If his owner is sour on him, now is the time to make overtures.

Patrice Bergeron, BOS – Bergeron is on pace for a 55-point season. He had 73 points in a breakout season last year and while a slip back is possible, he won't slip back that far. He is underachieving and now is the time to go after him.

Henrik Zetterberg, DET ��– The Red Wings are not scoring a lot of goals this season and that won't likely change. That said, Zetterberg's measly three points has to have his owner ready to almost give him away. The Swede should still bounce back and produce around 65-70 points. His value will never be lower than it is right now.

One more point to keep in mind: a few teams have played just nine games, while others have played 12. That's an extra 33 per cent. Although it may seem obvious, see if you can pick up some players on the teams that have just played nine games. Maybe you will catch their owner napping.

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