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Fantasy Pool Look: Up for a letdown

In 1989, Chris Kontos appeared from nowhere and scored nine goals in 11 playoff games for the Kings.

He was never heard from again.

A year later, John Druce pulled the same trick for the Capitals, tallying 14 goals in 15 playoff games.

Soon after, he vanished.

Okay, so they didn't literally disappear, but in fantasy hockey circles, they definitely fell off the map.

So this Fernando Pisani guy – he of 10 goals in 18 playoff games this spring – should he be looking over his shoulder this summer?

Let's investigate: Fernando Pisani, 29, has played 191 career NHL games – all of them with the Oilers. His career high is 37 points, set this year. Kontos, 26 at the time of his one big post-season, had played 144 NHL games and his career high was 17 points (in 31 games). Druce was just 24 when he burst on the scene. Until that point, his career best was 15 points and he had played 93 career games.

So Pisani is older than the other two, has played more games than they had at the time, and seems to be much more established than they were.

So on the plus side – he'll stick in the NHL and play a few more full seasons before his career is up. Druce managed to do that only once after his big playoff, and Kontos never played a 70-game season afterwards.

On the negative side – Pisani will be an unrestricted free agent in the summer. He is playing for a championship, but he also has the added motivation (as if one needs more) of playing for a contract.

Also – and this is only a small negative – he is a streaky player. In December, he went on a 14-game run that saw him pot nine goals and 15 points. The other 66 games he had 22 points.

On five different occasions, Pisani went at least seven games without a goal.

The draft following their big playoff performances, Kontos and Druce were in high demand from poolies. Clearly, they're superstars, right? We all know the answer to that one.

Should you do the same with Pisani? In a word – no.

Unlike Kontos and Druce, Pisani is a solid NHLer, so you will get your 80 games out of him. As far as points go – expect 35-40 again. So perhaps owners in really deep hockey pools should scoop him up. He is hot and cold, and right now he happens to be hot.

What about for playoff pools next year?


Druce had two points in 13 post-season games the following year. Kontos only tallied one more playoff point in his NHL career.

So take my advice and let someone else in your pool draft Pisani in the first round next year. Because I guarantee you someone will.

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