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Fantasy Pool Look: Wings confound poolies

In a post-season with relatively few surprises, there is one team that is tough to figure out.

Hockeytown, USA is dominant one game, MIA the next.

Detroit's top forward Pavel Datsyuk is invisible one game and putting up two points the next.

Chris Chelios, 45, is logging more than 20 minutes per game. Todd Bertuzzi, 32 and just three years removed from a 97-point season, is logging 10 minutes a game. But suddenly, on Tuesday, he plays more than 16.

And don't get me started on Kyle Calder.

Who are these guys?

The Wings did not beat easy teams to get to where they are. They had to go through the Flames and the Sharks. With Detroit playing Calgary to kick off the playoffs, a lot of poolies stayed away from that series altogether, while many went with the Flames.

Those who liked Detroit knew Nicklas Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg were safe choices – but where to go from there?

Datsyuk's track record in the post-season had been horrible, but those poolies who were not scared off by his previous playoff performances are reaping the rewards.

On the other hand, Todd Bertuzzi and Robert Lang are playing like 40-point players. Both were expected to garner five and seven points respectively, but that's if Detroit was knocked out in the first round!

This all proves that the losing poolies are right in their grumblings when they say: “playoff pools are a crapshoot.”

Mark my words – only the losing poolies are saying it. The winners will say it next year, when they lose.

Farm Report: Providence may have gone down in six games to Manchester, but Boston prospect Dave Krejci impressed tremendously. After productive, but not eye-popping seasons in junior, Krejci posted an impressive 74 points in 69 AHL contests. His cup of coffee with Boston was a bit of a letdown (pointless in six), but his ice time was minimal. In the Calder Cup playoffs, however, he was a whole new man. The 20-year-old tallied 16 points in 13 games and was only kept off the scoresheet on two occasions. That kind of clutch play will get him a long look at next year's training camp. Krejci could potentially be a second-line center.


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