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Update: Flyers’ Weise suspended three games for high hit on Ducks' Holzer

Dale Weise could be hit with the second suspension of his career after delivering a shoulder to the head of Korbinian Holzer during Thursday’s game between the Flyers and Ducks.
via NHL/Streamable

via NHL/Streamable

Dale Weise was Philadelphia’s main off-season signing, but it appears the most memorable act of his first four games in a Flyers uniform is going to be a suspension for a hit dished out to Anaheim Ducks defenseman Korbinian Holzer.

Weise’s hit came during the second period of Thursday’s game between the Flyers and the Ducks as a Philadelphia power play ended. As Holzer attempted to move the puck up ice, he was met by Weise, who drilled the Ducks rearguard with a high hit that drove Holzer’s visor into his nose and bloodied him.

In real time, the hit didn’t look like much, but the replay of the blow shows Weise seemingly load up his legs and launch into the hit. Weise’s back skate comes off the ice before contact with Holzer is made, and the Flyers winger is airborne as the check is completed:

No penalty was called on the play at the time of the hit and, in fact, the Flyers were the team to get a power play as a result of Weise’s hit. Moments after he dropped Holzer, Ryan Getzlaf got his stick in Weise’s skates and was whistled for tripping. 

Just because no call was made on Weise, though, doesn’t mean the Department of Player Safety wasn’t going to take a look, and the league announced Friday morning that Weise will have a hearing for an illegal check to the head on Holzer.

That Weise is set to have a hearing likely means a ban of at least one game is headed his way, especially with what can be seen when the play is slowed down. Weise’s launching into the hit is one thing and probably would have been let go had this been a shoulder to shoulder blow, but that Weise’s shoulder makes contact with nothing but Holzer’s head is likely what will make the hit a suspendable offense.

When it comes to suspension length, that Holzer was able to remain in the game and doesn’t appear to have suffered any injury beyond the facial laceration will work in Weise’s favor, but Weise’s history — albeit short — with the Department of Player Safety could see him sitting for a few games.

Weise was suspended for three preseason games ahead of the 2013-14 season while a member of the Vancouver Canucks. During an exhibition tilt between the Canucks and Edmonton Oilers, Weise delivered a shoulder to the head of Taylor Hall, and that hit resulted in the three-game ban.

UPDATE: Weise has been suspended three games for his hit on Holzer, a ban which will cost him $39,166.68, all of which will go the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund. In the suspension video, Patrick Burke, the NHL's director of Player Safety, said that Holzer was eligible to be checked on the play, but it was the unnecessary extension up and into the head by Weise that made the hit worthy of a suspension.

"Rather than stay low and hitting squarely through his opponent's body, Weise extends his body unnecessarily upward and makes Holzer's head the main point of contact," Burke explained. "And while Holzer does attempt to slow down as Weise approaches, he does not materially change the position of his body or head immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit in a way that significantly contributed to the head contact."

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