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Foot injury forced Seguin out of World Cup, unrelated to Achilles injury

Tyler Seguin will have to stay off skates for more than one week, which would have meant missing the entire round robin at the World Cup. Stars GM Jim Nill says Seguin will be ready for the season, though.

Tyler Seguin was ruled out of further action and forced to give up his spot on Team Canada’s World Cup squad because of a foot injury, Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill has confirmed.

And worry not, Stars fans, because Nill says the injury isn’t related to an Achilles injury that resulted in Seguin missing the final 10 games of the 2015-16 campaign and all but one of Dallas’ 13 post-season games.

“From talking to the trainers and team doctors with Team Canada, it’s probably seven to ten days with no skating and let things heal,” Nill told’s Mark Stepneski. “It’s a foot injury, nothing tied in with the Achilles tendon. It’s something separate. He just needs to be off skates for seven to ten days.”

Being off skates for that long would have meant that Seguin was in line to miss the final pre-tournament game, and another week off would have kept him out of action throughout the entire round robin. If he was out longer than seven days, there’s a possibility Seguin could have missed much of the elimination rounds, too. In a tournament that has relatively small rosters, Canada could ill afford to keep Seguin on board if he wasn’t able to play.

Seguin voiced his disappointment about being unable to continue on in the tournament with Canada, and it was no doubt even harder for the 24-year-old to give up his spot on the team given it would have been the biggest stage on which he had ever represented the national team. That said, it’d hard to fault him for trying to work through the injury. Unfortunately, Nill told Stepneski that Seguin’s skating ability was at “50 to 60 percent,” which means continuing at the World Cup wasn’t a real possibility.

There is a bright side, however, as Seguin pointed out that missing the World Cup meant he would no doubt be healthy in time for the start of training camp and ready for the regular season.

And while Nill told Stepneski that the Stars haven’t seen Seguin quite yet, the belief is that he shouldn’t miss any time, though Dallas doesn’t plan on pushing Seguin to participate before he’s completely healthy.

“We want to get him 100 percent,” Nill told Stepneski. “We’ve got time. But it’s not an injury where he is going to be missing training camp or where we are going to have to worry about missing the start of the season. It shouldn’t come down to that as far as we know.”

That means Seguin will have another full campaign to skate alongside Jamie Benn, which means bad news for opposition defenses. This past season, Seguin had his third-consecutive 30-goal campaign in Dallas, and this could be the year he finally reaches the 40-goal plateau.

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