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Get rid of loser point and make shootout less valuable

It was nice to see others also dislike the "loser point". Why reward a loss with a point?

A loss is a loss is a loss, no matter how it's achieved. That being said, I am not in favor of the three-point win system. This will just create more boring games.

If you take a "defensive" (i.e. trapping) team like the Wild, who lock down for a two-point win, how much worse will it be if that win is now worth three points? Not to mention the issues of trying to figure out how many points your team has.

Soon you'll need a degree in calculus to just figure out if your team has a shot at the playoffs.

I believe the solution lies in getting rid of the loser point, but not a complete two or nothing.

A team should get two points for a win in either regulation or overtime and one point for a win in the shootout. The loser would get zero, no matter what.

Can you imagine the OT we would see between teams battling for playoff spots, knowing they essentially lose a point if it heads to the shootout? This still gives value to the shootout, but with less weight, which I think is fair.

Darren Koyata, Edmonton, Alta.


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