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Getting To Know: Jayson Megna

Rangers center Jayson Megna talks about a bus breaking down while playing in the USHL, and more.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: New York Rangers / Hartford Wolfpack center.

HT: 6-1 WT: 195 pounds

DOB: February 1, 1990 In: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

First Hockey Memory: "I was six and a half and I was first introduced to skating at a birthday party at the Crystal Lake Ice House. And my parents then signed me up and I started playing organized hockey when I was seven."

Hockey Inspirations: "My idol growing up was Peter Forsberg. I remember being obsessed with the way Peter played growing up and emulating him. My family took spring break trips to Vail and I remember driving from Vail to Denver to go watch him play at night."

Last Book Read: "It was a book about sports mentality."

Current Car: "Jeep Wrangler four-door (white)."

Greatest Sports Moment: "That's a good question, I think just playing in my first NHL game and scoring my first NHL goal (vs Carolina in 2013). I worked my whole life to get to that level. And to be able to score and have some success is extra special for sure."

Most Painful Moment: "I was playing against Toronto with Pittsburgh and kinda went head over heels chasing a puck. Bernier ended up hitting me and I was out for six weeks with what turned out to be a high ankle sprain."

Favorite Uniforms: "Chicago Blackhawks for sure."

Favorite Rinks To Play: "Columbus. Their fans are unbelievable. We played them for playoffs. Also Tampa Bay. The set-up. That big scoreboard. How nice the city is. The fans are great there, too. Obviously Madison Square Garden is pretty amazing to play in as well. All the history there."

Why Do You Love Playing Hockey: "For so many different reasons - it's fast, it's physical. Just fun to play. Being able to be with your team and your buddies. A real camaraderie element to it."

Most Memorable Goal: "All time or professional? All time - when I was seventeen playing Illinois High School Hockey at the United Center. I ended up scoring in that game. Not sure if it was the game-winner but we ended up winning. So that's the most memorable goal."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "Had plenty [smiles]. I think the most embarrassing was when I was little. I was an avid Mighty Ducks watcher. At hockey camp we did shootouts at the end with skating around the center ice circle and I circled twice like in Mighty Ducks and I ended up falling twice in front of whole camp [smiles]. So that was pretty embarrassing."

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: "Golf."

Three Athletes You Like To Watch & Follow: "Derek Jeter. Peter Forsberg. Jonathan Toews."

First Famous Player You Met or Encountered: "It was Alex Tanguay. He was skating in Crystal Lake with one of the coaches for some reason. I remember going to watch and meeting him."

Funniest Players Encountered: "Marc-Andre Fleury is a real jokester. And current teammate Chris Summers is a character as well."

Strangest Game: "Oh boy. We had a bus breakdown in USHL on the way to Muskegon, Mich. We asked them to delay the start of the game but they wouldn't do it. We ended up getting there 20 minutes before face-off and about seven minutes left in warm-up. Only about half the guys got out there for warm-up. We ended up winning it in a shootout. It was pretty nice to stick it to those guys who wouldn't delay the game for us."

Personality Qualities Most Admired: "Honest. Energetic. Overall good person. Someone you can hang out with and go for dinner and have a good time and not feeling like you have to force the conversation."

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