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Getting to Know: Lightning center Jonathan Marchessault

Diminutive Lightning center Jonathan Marchessault talks about his hockey-laying inspiration and friendship with Patrick Roy's sons.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: Tampa Bay Lightning center.

Ht: 5-9 Wt: 174 pounds

DOB: December 27, 1990 In: Cap-Rouge, Quebec

First Hockey Memory: "I think probably from pictures. But I remember my dad took me out to skate when I was four-years-old."

Hockey Inspirations: "When I was young a small player like Marty St-Louis always inspired me. Also when I was young my idol was Joe Sakic."

First Famous Player You Met Or Encountered: "Patrick Roy. When I was young I was going up to hockey school and his son was there. And when he came into juniors he was obviously my coach and his son became one of my best friends. (Son's name?) Frederic. And Jonathan as well is my good friend too."

Greatest Sports Moment(s): "I would say my best memory would be my last year in junior. It was just an overall really good year. I had really good friends there. And I would say my first goal in the NHL last year."

Most Painful Moment: "Losing Game 7 semifinals my last year in junior. 20-years-old. (Against who?) Against Gatineau."

Current Car: "Range Rover Sport (black)."

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: "Golf and tennis."

Three Athletes You Like To Watch & Follow: "I would say Tiger Woods is always fun to watch. LeBron James is always fun to watch also. Roger Federer is a really nice player to watch."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "Obviously when you make a mistake or something, it's embarrassing. But you have to move on so I don't really remember it too much."

Strangest Game: "My best friend in junior, Michel Tam, got hit in the head and he started convulsing. So that was terrible. And we had to continue the game. So it was just terrible memory. (Did he recover okay?) Yeah yeah. He's actually in Norway and doing good over there."

Why Do You Love Playing Hockey: "Passion. Because I'm young. I love the game. I love how it gets played. How it gets intense. And I just love it."

Funniest Players Encountered: "I think a guy like Bish (Ben Bishop) is funny. I don't know - I've met so many funny players. Obviously in junior you're really tight with the group there. The same guys that come there year after year. But I think Bish is one of the funniest guys here."

Most Memorable Goal: "Obviously a couple goals in OT were memorable in playoffs. I don't have one particular."

People Qualities Most Admired: "Sense of humor. Just genuine people. Generous. Just nice to talk to. Good personality."

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