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Green Men plan to step up their game as they cheer for Canucks in Cup final

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

VANCOUVER - The Green Men are stepping up their game for the Stanley Cup final.

"We have a few things up our sleeves," Force, part of the green dynamic duo, said Tuesday. "We are going over some plans. We are heading to a thrift shop this afternoon.

"Boston has some good celebrities we can make fun of. Zdeno Chara's height may be a target. We have to step up our game."

The Vancouver Canucks open the Stanley Cup final against the Boston Bruins on Wednesday at Rogers Arena. Two of Vancouver's most fanatical fans will be Force and Sully, who dress head to toe in green spandex and cheer the Canucks from their seats beside the opposition penalty box.

Game 1 could be the Green Men's lone appearance in Vancouver, but they hope to take their act on the road to Boston.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't go to any more games (in Vancouver), unless we get some tickets from somewhere else," said Force.

A roofing company the pair once worked at owns the season tickets for the seats they use. The company sold them tickets for the opening game at face value, around $700 each.

The pair are trying to scrounge money for more games, charging small appearance fees to attend local events. They even attended a recent bar mitzvah.

The pair are pricing a trip to Boston for Games 3 and 4. While the cost of tickets will be about the same, Force thinks their green powers can be put to better use.

"This city is going to be so pumped for the next week," said Force. "They don't need us to pump them up.

"If we show Canuck Nation there are fans going to Boston, that would be a cool thing. There will be two idiots in green suits."

The Green Men travelled to Nashville for the Western Conference semifinal, where they received a friendly, southern reception. But going behind enemy lines in Boston comes with more trepidation.

"I will be very nervous if we go to Boston," said Force. "They have very passionate fans.

"Boston is about winning. We have been getting all sorts of hate messages on Twitter."

Force and Sully prefer to go by their Green Men personas when interviewed. Both have just finished journalism school and are trying to break into the media business.

They have become local heroes and have been interviewed by CBC, TSN and ESPN. Fans follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

During the playoffs the Green Men waved a picture of country music star Carrie Underwood wearing a Canuck jersey. Her husband is Mike Fisher of the Predators.

When Predator Shane O'Brien—a former Canuck—took a penalty, the Green Men made fun of his reputation as a partier by pretending to shake a martini.

It's been over a week since the Canucks advanced to their first Stanley Cup final in 17 years by defeating the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference final. While the players have welcomed the rest, the long wait has fuelled the anticipation of fans like the Green Men.

"I am nervous," said Force. "It seems like it's been three weeks. I just want to get out there."


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