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Heading in the right direction with new rule

Evan Gilbert, Whitby, Ont.

The NHL has done it. They have successfully created a rule to make east-to-west blindside head shots illegal in the game of hockey, so kudos to them.

However, the NHL has not clamped down on the supplementary discipline they need to really dissolve this issue.

The NHL’s new rule states that a player who makes an east-to-west blindside hit will either receive a two-minute minor penalty or a five-minute major penalty depending on the severity of the play.

If the player is given a five-minute major, he is subjected to supplementary discipline from the NHL, which could lead to suspension.

This new rule is not harsh enough to fit the crime, so here is my solution. Minimum penalty is 10-minute misconduct and maximum is a game misconduct. The 10-minute penalty is followed with a fine of two percent of player’s salary. The game-misconduct penalty is followed with a five-game suspension and a fine of four percent of the player’s salary.

A repeat offender is given 10 games and a fine of five percent of the player’s salary. This works on a three-strike basis for the game misconduct penalty. After three offences, the player is suspended for the rest of the season, without pay, and is forced to take a behavior-rehabilitation course.

The player then must play 20 games in the American League to prove he is eligible to play in the NHL. After the player has been approved to play in the NHL again based on behavior on the ice, they can play only 60 games for that season.

During the following season, they can play a full season and they are pardoned from their actions.

This would be a step in the right direction to eliminating head shots from the NHL and to make the game of hockey a safer one.



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