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Hipsters love New York's old "fish sticks" jersey, but what else?

The Islanders are bringing back their most infamous uniform for a night because folks in Brooklyn are rocking it. But what other hockey gear does this bearded demographic like?
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The New York Islanders are looking really good for this season. The roster is deeper than it has been in a long time and every position is accounted for. It almost…almost makes you forget about the old "fish sticks" logo and jersey that blighted the franchise in the mid-1990s.

But as it turns out, the team isn't done with the uniform just yet. According to Newsday, the team will wear a version of the jersey during warm-ups for one game this season, then auction them off for charity. Why? Here's the money quote:

"It's part of our history," said senior marketing manager Eileen Mathews. "I saw probably five to 10 people in Brooklyn wearing that jersey. I think it's gotten a cult following."

Brooklyn? Cult following? You know what that's code for: Hipsters.

Which got me thinking, what other hockey gear will hipsters be rocking this season? Here's a curated (and possibly artisanal) rundown:


Socks and pants are out. Cooperalls are slept on and coming back in a major way. Not only can you wear them for microbrew beer league games, but there's less wind resistance when you're on your fixed-gear bicycle.

Syracuse Bulldogs jersey

You think they were the villains in Slap Shot? Pfft. The Bulldogs were the real rebels of the film – I think they might have even been referred to as punks at one point. They were way ahead of the curve in terms of cultural diversity (Clarence 'Screaming Buffalo' Swamptown; Gilmore Tuttle) and didn't play by your rules, man. The real hipsters rock either No. 2 for Ogie Ogilthorpe, or No. 9 with a 'C' on the front for Tim McCracken.

Plattsburgh Pioneers one-inch button

You've never heard of the Plattsburgh Pioneers? Guess you're not into hockey. They were only the worst team in history, going winless in the Quebec League before folding after 17 games in the 1984-85 season. I have this button on my sidebag, which usually holds vinyl records for my vinyl record player.

Austin Ice Bats T-shirt

I hear Austin is like Brooklyn, but hotter. Love that I can wear this to my co-ed dodgeball games. Central League forever!

Montreal A.A.A. sweater

If you dream of the 1890s, you have to track down a sweater from the very first team to win the Stanley Cup. I guess a Montreal Victorias jersey would be cool too, but the real O.G.'s rock A.A.A. or nothing. Looks great with a beard and check out this dude's bike!


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