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HNIC commentator Cherry calls Tator's accusations 'totally unfair'

TORONTO - Charles Tator shouldn't expect to hear form Don Cherry any time soon.

Cherry, the popular co-host of the Coach's Corner segment on CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada", addressed Tator's accusations that he is "a negative influence" on hockey on Saturday's broadcast.

Tator, a doctor, called out Cherry's emphasis on "sock 'em, kill 'em type of hockey" during a Hockey Canada seminar on concussions last weekend in Regina.

"I've always been if you dish it out you gotta take it," Cherry said Saturday. "And I usually take it, but this is totally unfair for this guy to say that I'm responsible (for hockey injuries)."

Cherry said he has invested $12,000 in various hockey charities.

"I put my money where my mouth is," he said. "For this guy to come out and blame me for all the injuries is totally unfair. I would hate to think that Dr. Tator is doing it just to get his name in the paper."

When co-host Ron MacLean told Cherry that Tator was trying to contact him and that the two could work together, Cherry said he "wanted nothing to do with him."

"I've always thought doctors were above all that stuff," said Cherry. "I tell ya, evidently I was wrong."

Saturday was the first time Cherry publicly addressed Tator's comments. When asked about the doctor's accusations last Sunday by a Toronto radio reporter, Cherry responded with a profanity-laced rant.


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