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Hockey Things: What Caught Our Eye Last Week (April 25 Edition)

The Montreal Canadiens gave the ultimate tribute to Guy Lafleur, the Sharks got the last laugh against Vegas and Ryan Getzlaf received an amazing retirement gift. Last week saw no shortage of memorable moments in the NHL.

The final week of the NHL's regular season has arrived, but last week saw no shortage of memorable moments.

Everything for Guy Lafleur

The hockey world mourned the loss of Montreal Canadiens icon Guy Lafleur this past week after he passed away at the age of 70. 

Sunday evening's game between Montreal and Boston saw no shortage of great tributes on and off the ice for the Flower. A wonderful pre-game ceremony was shown at the Bell Centre, highlighted by a stunning standing ovation lasting 10 minutes and 10 seconds. 

Lafleur's No. 10 was also painted along the ice and the advertising along the boards was replaced with by Lafleur's name, signature and number.

Rest in peace, Guy. 

The San Jose Sharks get the last laugh on Vegas via social media 

With San Jose's 5-4 shootout win on Sunday, Vegas is no longer control their own playoff fate. And of course, it happened at the hands of one of the team's biggest rivals. 

San Jose's social media team had a bit of fun at the Golden Knight's expense after the victory. 


It's always fun watching teams take little digs at each other. Sure, San Jose isn't making the playoffs either, but the fanbase won't mind putting a potential end to Vegas' post-season plans.

Ryan Getzlaf had an amazing sendoff 

Final games are always emotional and full of excitement, and Ryan Getzlaf's last outing didn't disappoint. 

The long-time Anaheim Ducks captain played his final career game on Sunday against the St. Louis Blues. Beforehand, there were no shortage of special guests, including friends, family and even Teemu Selanne.

Selanne's bit was the best.

We're still waiting to hear if Getzlaf drove his new toy out of the Honda Center. That would have been one heck of a way to drive out into the sunset.


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