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IIHF will request names of Russian players who were part of Olympic doping scandal

A recent report from the World Anti-Doping Agency said 14 hockey players had samples tampered with as part of Russia’s doping scandal. The IIHF will seek to identify the Russian players and suspend those who would have tested positive.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The World Anti-Doping Agency recently released a report on the doping allegations made against Russian athletes at the Sochi Olympics which stated more than a dozen hockey players’ doping tests were tampered with during the course of the tournament. Now the IIHF is seeking to identify and punish those players.

Russian outlet TASS reported Monday that IIHF president Rene Fasel is requesting the names of the 14 players whose samples were potentially altered and hopes to levy suspensions to those who would have tested positive.

"We will (ask for the names),” Fasel told TASS. “At least if we find out they tested positive we will of course suspend them.”

The WADA investigation’s findings, referred to as the McLaren report, state that Russia sought to protect its athletes through a system described as the “Disappearing Positive Methodology,” which saw samples swapped out to “enable doped Russian athletes to compete at the Games.”

In May, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov opened up about the scandal, telling the New York Times’ Rebecca R. Ruiz and Michael Schwirtz about the massive doping scandal that had gone undetected at the 2014 Olympics. Rodchenkov, who ran Russia’s anti-doping laboratory during the 2014 Olympics, told the New York Times that the athletes took a “cocktail of three anabolic steroids” and it was reported that as least 15 athletes who won medals at the Olympics were involved in the scandal. Rodchenkov told the New York Times that the entire Russian women’s hockey team was “doping throughout” the Olympics.

The Russian women’s team finished sixth at the 2014 Olympics. The team won Group B before being booted in the quarter final by Switzerland, but lost handily to Finland in the fifth-place game.

Russia’s women’s team ranks fourth in the world behind USA, Canada and Finland. They are up two spots from their position in the 2015 world rankings. The men’s team ranks second behind Canada.

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