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James Reimer’s Optimus Reim morphs into mechanical shark on great new mask

James Reimer has been a San Jose Shark for two weeks, but now he’s finally going to look the part with his brand new mask. Reimer’s mask keeps the mechanical feel of his former Optimus Reim masks, but also has the feel of a classic Sharks mask.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

James Reimer has only taken the net twice for the Sharks since being dealt to San Jose ahead of the trade deadline, and he’s looked like a fish out of water with his plain white mask in both appearances. That won’t be the case for start No. 3, though. Reimer, 27, unveiled his new lid Saturday, and it’s a spin off of his popular “Optimus Reim” masks. The Transformer theme is still there, but Reimer has gone with a more intense design, one that uses the full mask design to appear as though Reimer has the head of a shark. Think the memorable Brian Hayward goalie mask but with a mechanical twist and you have Reimer’s new lid. Check it out:

As are many of the masks in the NHL, Reimer’s new helmet was designed and painted by DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, who has worked with Reimer on several of his past masks. “With this new San Jose Sharks mask on his head James Reimer, a.k.a The Optimus Reim, will be transformed into something else...The Shark Shock,”

Gunnarsson wrote to go along with the design. “Just as usual it is made of metal and pimped with huge exhaust pipes! And for sure the mask is loaded with extreme detail work to tell the amazing story of Optimus Reim!” Gunnarsson’s correct in saying the mask is packed with detail. Both sides of the design features huge exhaust pipes and wiring running from the back of the mask. There’s also straps which “connect” the back panel to the front. The nuts and bolts design of the shark’s jaw is great, too.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News



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