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Jarome Iginla's Fan Shootout answers

I was just wondering who you think is the hardest defenseman to play against in the NHL, and why?

Nathan Lajoie, Alexandria, Ont.

Even though he plays on my team, I would have to say that Robyn Regehr is one of the toughest defenseman to play against in the NHL. He is fast, physical and reads the play very well. His quickness and size make him very difficult to beat.

Another hard guy to play against is Adam Foote. Like Robyn, he is very physical. Foote competes very hard.

Hi I'm Tyler. I'm a big fan. I was wondering what things I should do that you did when you were little to succeed in my goal, 'cause I want to be in the NHL when I'm older?

Tyler Ray, West Chester, Ohio

As a kid, I loved to practice and I recommend that you practice as much as you can. Get on the ice at every opportunity and watch others in games, especially those whom you admire for their skills. It is also important to play other sports to develop your athleticism. When I was young, I was involved in all sports and I believe it really helped me.

Jarome, with the new scheduling format that promote divisional rivalries, when you play a team like Edmonton or Vancouver do you feel the need to make these games more important in your mind and maybe step up your play anyway you can or do you approach them with the same mentality as if it was a game against Washington or Pittsburgh?

Jared Lay, Canfield, Ohio

In today's NHL, all games are important. However, games within your division carry a little bit more importance because it directly affects your rank in the division and conference to a higher degree. There sometimes seems like there is greater intensity when you play a team that you will see 8 times during the regular season and perhaps in the playoffs. Rivalries are created quicker and are more intense when you play an opponent more frequently. There's deeper history to games against Edmonton and Vancouver.

Is there any comparison between playing for the Stanley Cup in Game 7 and playing for the gold in the Olympics?

Wayne Adolph, Winnipeg, Man.

I have been blessed to compete for both championships and they both are very special. The outcome of my Olympic experience was more enjoyable than the end result of losing in the Stanley Cup Finals. But the long hard grind of chasing the Stanley Cup over the course of an 82 game season plus playoffs should make it that much more enjoyable when you actually win. Also, the fact that you share that grind with your teammates is very rewarding.

Hi, Mr. Iginla! You are a great role model for Canadian and American hockey players for your work ethic, your style of play, and for your leadership on and off the ice. The joy your face shows is a fan's dream. What advice do you offer to young players (at all levels of action) who see highlight reels of you dropping the gloves, then try to emulate a class act who isn't afraid of standing up to larger opponents. Please address both the positive and negative aspects of mixing it up by youngsters.

Kevin Jones, Evansville, Wis.

There is absolutely no room for fighting in the game for kids. Kids should spend their time developing their skills, learning the game and most importantly having fun. Kids can and should play hard and have intensity and passion in their game. I believe that's part of the fun. Standing up for yourself is not necessarily about fighting, it's about competing hard all the time.

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