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John Scott, noted NHL goal scorer, honors snipe with hilarious t-shirt

John Scott scored a goal this season, and it was actually pretty nice. In order to commemorate the moment, he had a t-shirt made and wore it on the team plane. No word yet if or when you can own your very own ‘John Scott’s First Goal of 2014-15’ shirt.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Remember that time San Jose Sharks enforcer

John Scott

scored this season? So does he. He remembers it so well that he wants to make sure everyone else remembers it, too. To commemorate his goal, which was his first and only of this season and third of his career, Scott had a custom t-shirt made, that features his post-goal shocked face.

If you don’t recall the goal – and we want to assure you that, yes, John Scott did score this season and this isn’t an elaborate ruse – it was actually quite a nice little piece of sniping. In a game against the Washington Capitals in October, Scott picked up the puck in the neutral zone, cut into the middle of the ice, loaded up, and unleashed a laser of a shot into the top corner. Then he got into a scuffle, because of course he did.

The picture of the shirt, and Scott making the face to match it, comes from the

Instagram of Sharks rookie defenseman

Mirco Mueller. Technically, Scott is on pace for three goals this season. Realistically, it will probably be the only one he notches all year. Even still, though, we’re extremely happy that the goal happened so it could give birth to this hilarious shirt. It’s nice to see Scott take a light-hearted jab at himself, too.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News



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