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KHL defenseman delivers vicious low-bridge hit, sends opponent flying

Low-bridge hits can be just as bad as hits to the head in some cases, and a vicious hit by Andrei Mironov on Linus Videll in the KHL is a perfect example. Mironov sent Videll flipping through the air and he came down on his shoulders, neck and head before clutching his knees while down on the ice.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Just as professional hockey wants to do away with violent hits to the head, the same goes for low-bridge hits that leave vulnerable players flipping through the air with little way to protect themselves. And if you’re wondering what a textbook offense for a low-bridging hit would be, look no further than this hit by Dynamo Moscow defenseman Andrei Mironov.

Mironov’s hit came in the second period of Monday’s game between Moscow and Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod. With Torpedo’s Linus Videll cutting through the neutral zone to accept a pass, Mironov lined him up and went for nothing but the knees, taking out Videll and sending him flipping through the air:

The hit saw Videll come crashing to the ice with all the impact on his neck and shoulders, and it caused him to have almost a full rotation before finally coming to rest on the ice. There will be some who consider Mironov’s hit a hip check, but consider the point of contact. Mironov uses his upper body and lower back area to lunge into Videll’s knees, sending him flipping through the air. A typical hip check doesn’t have that effect unless the angle of contact is closer to 90 degrees.

Shockingly, there was no call on the play, though the hit may be under review by the league. Videll didn’t suffer an injury on the play and was able to continue in the contest.

Mironov was a fourth-round pick, 101st overall, by the Colorado Avalanche in 2015. Coincidentally, Videll also happened to be an Avalanche draft pick, selected in the seventh round, 204th overall, in 2003. He has not played a single game for a North American team, however.


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