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Kudos to THN

I would just like to say I only subscribed a season ago and I can say that it was the best $55 I have ever spent.

It started when I was at my grandpa's and he gave me three issues. I loved them so much that we looked out for more. We ended up getting the fantasy guide and the Yearbook, in which we took the subscription thingy and filled it out.

Now I have subscribed for another two years and just can’t wait until Tuesdays. I have recently used every available time to read your 60 Moments That Changed The Game issue and the new one.

If the NHL wants more fans you are going to help intrigue people. Who doesn’t like a well-written article like Mike Brophy's Overtime or Proteau’s blog, even if you’re so-so about hockey.

- Matthew Bronson, Edmonton, Alta



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For a while there in this current NHL regular-season, the Minnesota Wild were looking like world-beaters. But the team faced a bit of course correction, and with that comes a focus that this still needs to be a big year for Minnesota.

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The new GM was a power player in the agency business and has a unique perspective on prospect development.