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Loose Change: Freshly squeezed

Thanks to the re-birth of the National Hockey League, a lot of players are cashing in on lucrative endorsement deals with major sponsors.

Just this week Eddie Belfour signed on with Lenscrafters; Daniel and Henrik Sedin are the new spokesmen for Coppertone; Sidney Crosby is the new face of Midol and a certain Dallas Star has parlayed his newfound prominence into a deal with the Florida Orange Growers' Association.

Coming soon: Delicious,100 per cent freshly-squeezed Jussi Jokinen.

  • To those of you who've written in requesting clarification on the footwork in the hot new Finnish Goaltender Shuffle: It's (1) sidestep (2) sidestep (3) shuffle forward (4) bow (5) step back (6) step back (7) wave (8) sit.
  • Who's the Blues No. 1 center now that Doug Weight's been traded to Carolina? It should come down to either Petr Cajanek or Garry Unger.
  • The new rule prohibiting goalies from playing the puck inside the restricted zone is bad enough, but to enforce it by using shallow land mines? No wonder it costs so much to attend a hockey game.
  • And finally, Chris Chelios had a nice surprise for his birthday on Jan. 25 when he was paid a visit by his original defensive partner from 1983. Kudos to the classy Detroit Red Wing organization for arranging the emotional séance.

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