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Los Angeles locals celebrate Kings’ 2016 Stanley Cup on Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’

Los Angeles Kings fans watched their team’s Stanley Cup run end in April, but that didn’t stop a few supposed fans from talking about the Kings’ Stanley Cup victory on Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’ segment.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel has a run a brilliant segment on his program over the past several years called ‘Lie Witness News.’ The concept is simple: interview people on the street, ask them about a bogus news event and hope they answer as if the event has actually happened.

With the Stanley Cup final ending Sunday, Kimmel had an easy target for a ‘Lie Witness News’ segment come Monday night. He sent his crew out and had them ask people on the streets of Los Angeles about the Kings winning the 2016 Stanley Cup. The issue there, obviously, is that Monday afternoon was less than 24 hours removed from the Pittsburgh Penguins hoisting the Stanley Cup.

If you think that stopped some “hockey fans” from spinning a tale, you’d be wrong:

The best thing about the fans lying about the Kings victory is how hard the sell is.

The first interviewee goes for the one word exclamation — “Pandemonium!” — to describe the final moments of a Stanley Cup final that didn’t even happen, the second interviewee talks about going to post-victory street parties that didn’t happen and, best of all, the supposed season-ticket holder who watches every game wasn’t totally aware the Kings’ season ended in April.

But leave it to the honesty of a youngster to break the cycle. Faced with the question, he didn’t budge. He’s not scared to tell it like it is.


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