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Marty Turco's Fan Shootout answers

What do you think of the trapezoid puck-handling area? Have you gotten used to it, or do you still have to think out loud when you go to play the puck? Should it stay in next season?

Luke Spring, Dallas

"I'm still not fond of it, but it is growing on me. I definitely do think about it a lot. It would be better, in my opinion, if it was not out there because it puts too much thinking in the athlete's mind."

How did you come up with the shooting style of turning your glove backwards?

Steven Stowe, Miniota, Man.

"My senior year in college and my first year as a pro, I experienced with it. The reasoning first was to stop pucks that were dumped in on my backhand. I had some trouble handling it and felt like I wasn't strong enough on my backhand. I turned it over and jammed my stick into the boards and created an alternative shooting style that is now used by a lot of goalies."

When you're in a slump, how do you prepare to get out of it mentally?

Martin Delinelle, Chateauguay, Que.

"Slumps aren't fun, that's for sure. I try and avoid slumps, but they have the tendency of sneaking up on you. For me, focusing on the puck and getting my body to do things that it should be doing is the goal for me. Working hard is a given, but trying new things and doing whatever I can to get me out of it."

Who would you not want to face in a shootout?

Jordan Utke, Swift Current, Sask.

"There isn't really anybody I don't want to face in a shootout, but there are certainly some guys that pose a bigger challenge. Like Jagr, with his reach and skill. Datsyuk with his smoothness. Our team has some pretty

good ones too in Jokinen and Zubov. Everybody in some way or another is a challenge in themselves and I look forward to facing all of them."

What do you think has helped you become a great goaltender and stickhandler?

Kelly Kolla, Saskatoon, Sask.

“Two things combined come to mind: work ethic and determination. You have to be able to do things repetitively over time, even when you're tired. I also think that some creativity and confidence are two other things that have helped mold me, but none more than my hard work over the years."

Which All-Star Game format do you prefer, East vs. West, or North America vs. World?

Chris Olson, Navan, Ont.

"I like the East vs. West format. One, we don't see each other very much during the season. Two, that's what the World Championships, World Cups and Olympics are for."

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