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Matt Kassian

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: Ottawa Senators left winger

Ht: 6-foot-4 Wt: 232 pounds

DOB: Oct. 28, 1986 In: Edmonton

First Hockey Memory: "Putting on double blade skates and going out to the pond for mini league not too far from my house, with my brother and parents."

Hockey Inspirations: "My grandfather Ed Kassian and my great uncle Dennis Kassian, both who played professionally. My grandfather won the World Championship with Canada with the Penticton Vees. My uncle also played a little bit in the NHL and WHA."

Last Book Read: "I think it's called The Crippled God. It's a series."

Current Car: "Right now I'm driving a wonderful Ford F150, it's not mine. Aside from that I have a BMW X5, little SUV."

Nicknames: "I've got a lot. This is a mixed bag...Kass, Kassassin, Kassassination, Kassassinator, Kasquatch for a little bit a long time ago in juniors. Back home, growing up - Matty Kakes. There's a lot."

First Famous Hockey Player You Met Or Encountered: "Probably Mark Messier when I was really little. In Edmonton after they won one of the Stanley Cups. I was like four or five. They had the big parade with the Stanley Cup there, you could go and kind of meet some of the players, take pictures with the Cup and stuff. I didn't take a picture with the Cup, I remember that. I remember going and taking a picture with Messier."

Greatest Sports Moment: "I don't know...two-goal game in Montreal was a lot of fun. Hit a post and almost had a hat trick. That was probably one of the greater moments of my career. But I still have to say that first NHL game was just an absolute rush so I would have to say that."

Most Painful Moment: "My first year pro I tore my labrum 98 percent off my shoulder and then played four months with that. That wasn't very fun. (How did you tear it?) Not exactly sure. It was in a fight. I don't know when it was in the fight. But after it happened, something definitely wasn't right."

Most Memorable Goal: "Probably the first one. And I think for most guys it's gonna be the most memorable one. It was in Montreal. Kind of off a faceoff, playing a nice pass by my teammate Darroll Powe out front and it was kind of a tip-in. It was fun."

Strangest Game: "Probably the game when I scored two goals in Montreal. Some people would say that was a little extraordinary. I don't know, there's always little, funny moments that people don't really see. And sometimes if you get to see them on video, guys falling or just weird, funny things, guys stepping on sticks and stumbling like Bambi. Just little stuff like that."

Funniest Player Encountered: "Right now Marc Methot is up there. Zach Smith too. Those two guys, they're definitely up there right now for me."

Closest NHL Friends: "I got a couple. Say Colton Gillies. He's with Columbus now, he was with Minnesota. Riley Emerson. He's just been battling it out in the minors. He's one of my really good friends. Marco Scandella, a guy who's been in Minnesota is one of my really good friends. Those three are up there for the top three guys for me."

Fiercest Competitors Encountered: "As far as on ice, Mikko Koivu is probably one of the fiercest on ice. He's intense when he plays. He's fun to watch because of that. Plays really hard. And aggressive in the corners. He's probably the most intense, yeah."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "We had a funny one last season. When I ended up fighting Mr. George Parros, when I thought the puck had dropped, because the linesman kind of pump-faked me and so I sent my gloves - basically they made it to the blueline. But the puck hadn't dropped yet. So I had to kind of spin around and go get my gloves, skate back, and then get rid of 'em a couple of seconds later. But it was funny."

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: "Football."

Funny Hockey Memory: "There's a lot to laugh about. Just the countless road trips that you have and bus trips in the minors. There's just little things. And a lot of memories. But I can't just pull one out specifically. There's just so many. A lot of fun memories and moments."

Why Do You Love Hockey: "I love the speed of the game. And intensity of the game. And the passion. It's a sport that involves a little bit of everything. You have to be skilled to play. You have to be tough to play, competitive to play. You have to be fit and in shape to play it. It's a game that has all the components that I think are fun in sport, as far as the skill and physicality and the speed and strength. And really the passion that you need to play."

Three Athletes You Like To Watch And Follow: "Marc Methot, Zach Smith. And let's say Eric Gryba."

Personality Qualities Most Admired: "Integrity's a big one. Passion. Honesty. Truthfulness. Faithfulness. I could go through a whole list of the fruits of the spirit Biblically. Gentleness. Self-control. Love is obviously a big one. Not just a feeling of love, but a choice to love people. And to love all people is probably a big one."

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