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Mike Fisher's Fan Shootout answers

I play AA hockey and my only real problem is speed. Do you have any tips?

- Kevin Tansey from Hammond, Ont.

I try to do a lot of plyometrics, jumping, bounding. In summer do sprints on a field – running hills helps.

What is the hardest hit you've ever taken?

-Wray Perkin from Sackville, N.B.

I took a few from Eric Lindros last year. The ones that hurt the most don't look like muchÂ…the ones where both guys don't move.

Which coach had the biggest impact on your career?

-Connor Plante from Pembroke, Ont.

When I played junior I had Tom Watt as a coach. He taught me a lot about playing defensively and made my transition to the NHL much easier.

What kind of training did you do when you were my age (14-15)?

-Eric Struthers from Brandon, Man.

That's the age I started to train. Push-ups and pull-ups are good, but not heavy weights. This is a key time for your body to grow. Core stuff you can do every day.

When a coach makes a lot of line changes, does it affect your play?

-Bill Strange from Ottawa

Obviously you get chemistry with certain guys, but typically I've had a lot of different linemates in previous seasons. This year has been more steady.

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