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Neil Sheehy

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: NHL defenseman from 1984-1992 with Calgary, Hartford, Washington. He's currently an NHL player agent.

Ht: 6-foot-2 Wt: 214 pounds

Feb. 9, 1960 In: Fort Frances, Ont.

First Hockey Memory:
"Going to the outdoor rink with my brother and carrying my hockey equipment in a pillowcase (laughs)."

Nicknames: “‘Harv’ from Colin Patterson, because I went to Harvard. I tried to dub him 'Clark' because he went to Clarkson, but it didn't stick. 'Shee Cat' - from Terry Crisp.”

Hobbies/Leisure Activities:
“I have nine children, so I guess looking after kids. Family and job is pretty well taking up my days."

Favorite Movies: "Braveheart."

Hockey Inspirations: "Probably my brother Tim, who won three high school championships in Minnesota and played in four championship games. He went on to play on the Olympic team that silver medaled in Sapporo, Japan."

First Job:
"Pedaling newspapers - the International Falls Daily Journal."

First Car: "1968 Mercury Cougar (white)."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "Mint chocolate chip."

Current Car: "BMW X5."

Greatest Sports Moment: "Beating the great Edmonton Oilers in Game 7 in Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton. They were the two-time defending Stanley Cup champs."

Most Painful Moment: "I never looked at any hockey experience as was just great experiences. Maybe having back-to-back injuries - breaking my ankle and leg and then herniating a disc in my lower back. Knowing the career was coming to an end. (How did you break the leg and ankle?) In a fight in Orlando for an exhibition game. During the fight my leg snapped. Just broke. (Against who?) Mike Hartman."

Favorite Uniforms: "I would have to say...I just love the traditional Boston Bruins. Either Boston or Chicago Blackhawks. "

Closest Hockey Friends: "Gary Suter."

Funniest Players Encountered: "A guy by the name of Charlie Bourgeois. A great, great guy. Extremely funny."

Toughest Competitors: "Certainly Mark Messier. And which Sutter was the captain of St. Louis? (Brian.) Brian Sutter was a warrior. And then - those guys were tough competitors - then the other would be Behn Wilson. He was a tough guy."

Most Memorable Goal: "This is a good story actually. I forget his first name. He played in Vancouver and St. Louis. (Dave Lowry.) Yes. He was chirpin' me. I said, 'Let's go, let's fight.' Lowry didn't want to fight. He said, 'Why would I fight you? You're the last guy that would ever score a goal.' This was right before the faceoff. Then after the faceoff, the puck comes to me, I carried it in and shot it and scored. All the guys come to me to celebrate. I'm looking for Lowry. (I said), 'Wanna fight now!? I'm the last guy to score a goal!' The timing was impeccable. The game was in St. Louis. (Remember his reaction?) He said, 'Boy, are you cocky.' Cocky? Let's fight now. The last guy to score a goal! But we never fought."

Last Book Read: "Whatever Happened To Penny Candy by Richard Mabure."

Funny Hockey Memory: "Teammates play jokes, practical jokes. When you're on plane trips or bus trips, if you fall asleep, they put shaving cream on the top of your head. If you fall asleep and your mouth is open, they put things in it. One time we took a charter from Calgary to another city, I don't remember which one. Paul Baxter was my teammate. I woke up and my shoe was gone. And I was the last one on the plane. But I looked and found my shoe in the cabinet. But I wanted to find who the culprit was, who took my shoe. I got off the plane and hopped on one leg to the bus. All the guys are hootin' and hollerin' - I don't have my shoe. The bus is ready to roll. Hold on! Paul Baxter said, 'You don't have your shoe?' Paul Baxter stops the bus. He goes back on the plane. I yelled to everyone, 'Here's my shoe.' Then Baxter comes back on the bus and they're all hootin' and hollerin' at him. Laughter at his expense. It showed to me he was a good teammate. He didn't let the bus go off. He actually stopped the bus; he didn't want me to lose my shoe. It was one of those moments when the whole team had a lot of belly laughs."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "There was a new blade called 'Switch-Its.' You could unscrew it and slip on a Rollerblade. I knew the guy who invented it. I was wearing it in the NHL. I went to hit a guy in Los Angeles. I fell on the ice. I go to get up and there's no blade on my one skate. I'm in the corner, telling the referee to blow the whistle but he didn't. I'm at the glass - there's a guy looking and pointing at me - Sylvester Stallone. He's laughing. I stand up on one leg. I kinda knock on the glass and kinda wave at him. I had to awkwardly walk off the ice with one blade to our bench, which was on the opposite side. That was kind of embarrassing."

Strangest Game: "Probably, Miracle Monday in St. Louis. After we beat Edmonton in the playoffs, St. Louis was waiting for us. They won the first game in Calgary. We came back. It was Game 6 in St. Louis and we were up 5-2 with about eight minutes to go. It looked like we were going to win it. But they got one goal, then a second goal, then they tied it up and won in overtime. They staved off elimination. We had to go back to Calgary for Game 7, to see who would play in the final. They call it Miracle Monday in St. Louis. That St. Louis Budweiser song rang in our heads all the way back to Calgary."

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: "Hockey. Is there really any other sport?"

Favorite Players To Watch: "I love to watch Sidney Crosby, obviously, when he's playing. I love to watch Zach Parise. I love to watch Ryan Suter. The guys I like to watch most are my clients: Ryan Suter is my client. Ryan Carter. Jake Dowell in Dallas. Jack Hillen and Colin Wilson in Nashville. Matt Niskanen and Craig Adams in Pittsburgh. Jason Blake in Anaheim. Toby Peterson in Dallas. Lubomir Visnovsky in Anaheim. Nick Leddy in Chicago. Matt Reid in Philadelphia. Drew Stafford in Buffalo. Kyle Okposo with New York Islanders."

Personality Qualities Most Admired: "Honesty and loyalty."

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