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New All-Star jersey photo leaked – Should we love it or hate it?

A leaked photo suggests the 2015 All-Star Game jerseys have a chrome-heavy look. But is the image of a practice jersey or a game jersey? That affects how we feel about it.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The NHL gave us heavy dose of special Stadium Series jerseys last season, consistently infused with a shiny chrome treatment over the logos. According to a leaked photo

posted on the website Icethetics, the chrome takeover continues. The key detail missing: we don't yet know what this jersey will be used for. If it's a practice jersey – and it sure looks like one – it's pretty darned cool. The black and white are simple and classy enough, and the huge, shimmering NHL crest immediately grabs the eye.

If this is a game jersey, however... ugh. It would be a blander choice than camomile tea. Picture yourself trying to distinguish between this jersey, the other team's white uniform, the black and white referee uniforms, and the black puck on the white ice to boot. It would be like watching a Tim Burton movie. Well, a 1990s Tim Burton movie. Even he's moved on to more colorful things now. But it's more than likely this is indeed a practice jersey. Icethetics published

an earlier blog pointing out that the merchandise for the Columbus-hosted All-Star Game has a heavily black-and-neon-green color scheme. The good news is it's more interesting than black, silver and white. The bad news: it looks stolen from a roller hockey league. Then again, there's no such thing as too tacky when it comes to the All-Star Game.

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The Hockey News

The Hockey News



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