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New court document reveals details in Mike Ribeiro sexual assault case

A new court document reveals graphic new details in the sexual assault case filed against Mike Ribeiro by former nanny.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Court documents filed Thursday have revealed new details in the sexual assault case against Nashville Predators center Mike Ribeiro.

Ribeiro is accused of sexually assaulting his former nanny, whose name has been withheld from the public as of this time. The Predators blog On the Forecheck has obtained documents filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court that go into vivid detail about the accusations.

The case was first filed in 2014. Ribeiro is accused of numerous unwanted sexual advances on the nanny between 2007, when she was 12, and 2012, when she was 18. The most serious assault is alleged to have happened in 2012, when the nanny was staying with Ribeiro's family for two weeks helping them prepare for a move to Virginia after he'd signed with the Washington Capitals.

On the Forecheck reveals graphic details in the accusations here. Warning: they may be upsetting to read:

Ribeiro's wife, Tamara Williams, is alleged to have been negligent in her failure to stop the assault. According to On the Forecheck, the complaint states the nanny "has suffered anguish, medical treatment, physical pain and suffering, physical impairment, humiliation, shame, fright and damage to her reputation as a result of the actions committted by Ribeiro and Williams."

The complaint also alleges Ribeiro admitted fault in a conversation with his wife and his nanny after the 2012 incident.

Ribeiro and Williams have maintained their innocence. The new complaint, filed June 18, is 16 pages, much longer than the initial complaint filed last year, which stated that "Defendant MIKE RIBEIRO assaulted Plaintiff. Defendant RIBEIRO acted intentionally, knowingly and recklessly when he made contact with Plaintiff's person. The Defendant's contact caused bodily injury to Plaintiff and Plaintiff has been damaged in an amount which is within the jurisdictional limits of this court."

Williams had also been charged for allegedly harassing the nanny.

Previously, before the nanny's 16-page complaint was filed, Ribeiro's attorney had filed a motion to dismiss the case. It stated the nanny had accused Ribeiro of attempting to touch her during the two weeks she stayed with the family in 2012 and that she stayed until the end of the two weeks.

Next up in the case is a discovery hearing, which has a July 27 deadline and will yield a report by August 11.

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