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NHL 16 features released, playoff beards to grow in full force

EA Sports released the features for NHL 16 and facial hair fans will be pleased as playoff beards are now included in the game. NHL 16 will also mark the return of the EA Sports Hockey League and improvements to other game modes.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Video game fans and beard-lovers rejoice: when it comes to the latest instalment of EA Sports’ NHL video game series, your playoff run will include every last detail, down to big, bushy playoff beards.

As part of the yearly windfall of information about the NHL video game franchise that comes around the latter part of the post-season, EA Sports released the list of upcoming features for NHL 16 and among the list of game modes and features comes the improved ability to customize your skater, which includes setting how wild your playoff beard will grow.

“One of the oldest and most iconic traditions in hockey has arrived,” writes EA Sports on their feature list for the upcoming game. “With accurate representations of beard patterns, length, thickness, and growth rates for individual players, the road to the Stanley Cup just got hairier.”

We don’t know exactly how they determined the growth rates for the players, but we're excited to see the result, especially should a user play as the San Jose Sharks. It’d be great to see just how out of control Brent Burns’ beard could get come the Stanley Cup finals because at the best of times Burns’ face is hidden behind a wall of facial hair.

The skater customization doesn’t end at beards, though. Upgrades over last year’s iteration include the ability to fully customize just about everything when it comes to gear. Players can have custom stick tape and color, tape on the shaft of the stick, ear guards, shin pad tape, skate guards and more.

The customization is key, too, because NHL 16 will see the return of fan favorite game mode EA Sports Hockey League. The EASHL allows for up to six human-controlled players to take on another club of up to six human-controlled players. The mode, which allows friends to create clubs and compete in real leagues for trophies, was not included in NHL 15.

There are reports that the EASHL will not allow for player progression and instead give a level playing field to all players by restricting the skaters to set builds. For instance, a sniper would shoot well, but might be easier to knock down. All the attributes for skating, however, will be even across the player types.

Other additions for NHL 16 are Season Mode, an improved Be A GM mode, and updates to the Be A Pro mode. In NHL 15, fans were displeased with the inability to simulate through shifts in Be A Pro, but will get that option this year as well as a brand new method of progression through their digital careers.

There has been no official release date for the game announced. However, the game usually hits shelves in September.


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