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NHL logo rankings No. 9: Anaheim Ducks

We're less than two weeks away from concluding our NHL logo rankings and today we focus on the No. 9 team, the Anaheim Ducks. Once mighty, now not, the current Ducks logo will cause a debate. It did for us, anyway.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Before we begin discussing our No. 9-ranked logo in the NHL, it’s worth pointing out again that this list was compiled by a group of seven THN staffers who debated each one. OK? Let’s go. Somehow, the Anaheim Ducks ended up in the top 10. Actually – somehow they
didn’t end up in the bottom five. The idea behind doing these rankings was to look at each one again for the first time, not taking into consideration how long it’s been in use. This list is supposed to be all about the aesthetics. But each time I look at this one again for the first time, I still just see a duck-footed D with boring colors. Sure, there’s a little orange in there – and
I like it when orange is used - but it’s buried beneath the muck. No bonus points for this one. In our group, though, this logo got enough support to land it in the top 10. When you rank logos there is no right or wrong answer – it’s all about personal tastes and preferences. And this process showed that even this Ducks logo has its supporters. Where do you stand? Now, someone must be able to design a better look for the Ducks, right? Please. Somebody. Anybody. Try your hand at creating a new Ducks logo, using whichever color scheme you wish, and submit your work to We’ll share our favorite reader redesigns at the conclusion of our logo rollout after next week. All logos from
Chris Creamer’s website.
HISTORY OF THE DUCKS LOGO In 1993, the Ducks were mighty. Literally. Originally called the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (or Mighty Ducks of Anaheim), the Disney-owned team leveraged the popularity of their hit hockey movie and used the logo for the NHL team. The Mighty Ducks movie introduced “The Flying V” and the Knucklepuck, but this team took the cartoony name and logo to the big leagues. Overall, I’m not a fan of cartoon logos. I like a crisp bare-bones look that has sharp colors, preferably a combination not used by many other teams. Though the first Ducks logo was certainly cartoonish, the colors really stand out from the pack. And, hey, it gave us this most
incredible (awful?) jersey that will always be a part of NHL history. You know what? This is the best logo the Ducks have ever used. And if they’re not going to use this logo anymore, at least stick with the green!

With the team under new ownership, it went through a re-branding phase shortly after the lost season of 2004-05. Henry and Susan Samueli elected to drop the “Mighty” from the marquee and move forward with plain, old-fashioned “Ducks” which sounds less gimmicky, while maintaining a connection to the team’s roots. The color scheme was also changed, dumbing down the green to a bronze, while adding a tinge of orange. The second primary logo in franchise history didn’t have much to it. The team name was simply spelled out and the “D” in Ducks was given a webbed look. Big whoop. I despise when a team has to spell out it’s full name in the logo and making this one worse are the darkened colors. Worst. Ducks logo. Ever.
The current Ducks logo simplified the one that came before it. Rather than spelling out the whole team name, the webbed ‘D’ from the previous logo was enlarged and made a logo unto itself. The subtle orange has the capacity to create a
fantastic looking jersey when the team wants to, but in the logo, it's an afterthought. Where’s the fun here?

Dissenting opinion: “I really have no idea how this ended up at No. 9, but here we are. I move that any THN staffer who had a hand in placing this one in the top 10 should never have a vote in logo rankings again!”
– Rory Boylen

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

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