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NHL losing two officiating giants after this season with retirements of referee Paul Devorski, linesman Jean Morin

Veteran NHL referee Paul Devorski and linesman Jean Morin are retiring at the end of this season, taking with them a wealth of experience. Both rank highly on the list of current games-officiated leaders. How highly? Take a look at our up-to-date lists and find out.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Two senior members of the NHL officiating fraternity – referee Paul Devorski and linesman Jean Morin – are retiring at the end of this season, taking with them a wealth of experience and skill at policing arguably the toughest sport there is to police.

The 56-year-old Devorski, who officiated his first NHL game Oct. 14, 1989, ranks fifth on on the All-Time Referee list for regular-season games as of March 31 of this year, with 1,592 games under his belt. The Guelph, Ont., native currently leads all active referees in that department as well as playoff games, but trails retired icons Dan Marouelli (1,622), Don Koharski (1,701), Bill McCreary (1,737) and Kerry Fraser (1,904). The 51-year-old Morin began his NHL career in the 1991-92 campaign and sits eighth overall among active linesmen in regular-season games, as well as second overall among active linesmen in playoff games. The league has experienced significant turnover among its officials in recent years, and the professionalism of both Devorski and Morin will be missed.

Here are up-to-date lists ranking active referees and linesmen in both regular-season and playoff games:

Top 10 Active NHL Referees, regular-season

1. Paul Devorski, 1,592 games

2. Dave Jackson, 1,400

3. Dennis LaRue, 1,222

4. Dan O'Halloran, 1,148

5. Brad Watson, 1,098

6. Greg Kimmerly, 1,077

7. Mike Leggo, 1,069

8. Tim Peel, 1,002

9. Kevin Pollock, 1,001

10. Marc Joannette, 998

Top 10 Active NHL Referees, post-season

1. Paul Devorski, 197 games

2. Brad Watson, 170

3. Dan O'Halloran, 147

4. Kevin Pollock, 142

5. Marc Joannette, 117

6. Kelly Sutherland, 90

7. Eric Furlatt, 82

8. Dan O'Rourke, 77

9. Dave Jackson, 74

10. Tim Peel, 71

Top 10 Active NHL Linesmen, regular-season

1. Brad Lazarowich, 1,941

2. Mike Cvik, 1,826

3. Brian Murphy, 1,623

4. Mark Wheler, 1,517

5. Scott Driscoll, 1,478

6. Pierre Racicot, 1,457

7. Tim Nowak, 1,427

8. Jean Morin, 1,425

9. Greg Devorski, 1,422

10. Andy McElman, 1,412

Top 10 Active NHL Linesmen, post-season

1. Brian Murphy, 238

2. Jean Morin, 211

3. Brad Lazarowich, 204

4. Jay Sharrers, 187

5. Pierre Racicot, 178

6. Shane Heyer, 176

7. Scott Driscoll, 172

8. Greg Devorski, 156

9. Derek Amell, 120

10. Mark Wheler, 111


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