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NHL Postpones Cross-Border Travel Through Dec. 23

The NHL has announced that they will postpone all games that involve cross-border travel through the scheduled winter break.

The NHL is embarking upon the closest thing to a pause that they can ahead of the winter break. 

Amid the rising COVID-19 cases across the league that has placed over 100 players in protocols just this past week, the NHL has announced that they have postponed all games that involve cross-border travel through Dec. 23. 

It's an inevitable step as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage professional sports over the past few weeks. 

While there has yet to be an official announcement, this almost certainly puts the final nail in the coffin of the NHL's participation in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, meaning that fans will need to wait at least another four years to see their favourite players represented on the world's biggest stage. 

It's hard to argue with the decision, though. 

With another 12 games being rescheduled as a result of this latest development, the league will almost certainly hope to make those dates up during the three-week period that would have otherwise been reserved for an Olympic break. Squeezing the schedule even tighter would have been irresponsible and put players' health at risk. 

This is yet another step in the NHL's moves to combat the numerous outbreaks sweeping through teams' lockerrooms, having announced newly-enforced COVID-19 protocols this week, as well. 

The pandemic is far from over. And it's real-world impact remains strong. 



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