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NHL should return to wooden sticks

Murray Sinnott, Windsor, Ont.

Return to traditional wooden hockey sticks. The NHL should have standards for sticks. Baseball has a simple standard for bats: they must be made of wood, period.

When a player strikes an opponents stick and one of the sticks break, often a penalty is assessed. A lot of scoring chances are negated due to a broken stick. Just leaning on them causes them to break.

It has now gotten out of hand. The game has changed for the worse due to lack of stick standards.

The extra shot-speed generated by the new sticks is minor.

The NHL can correct this. Give fair warning about a rule change – a one-year grace-period – then go back to wooden sticks.

Do not let the manufacturers ruin hockey. The NHL should also mandate soft edged elbow pads and more cushion at the knee on knee pads.


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