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Nik Antropov

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: New York Rangers center

HT: 6-foot-6 WT: 230 pounds

DOB: Feb. 18, 1980 In: Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Hockey Inspirations: 
"I always liked when Mario Lemieux was playing."

First Hockey Memory: 
"I guess my first road trip with my team. I was seven years old and I forgot my shin pads, so I played two games without 'em. That was something special."

Hobbies/Leisure Activities:
"I like to fish in the summer time. So, big fisherman. (Any tennis or golf?) Tennis, yes. But golf only when I have to (laughs)."

"Guys just call me Nikky or Antros."

Favorite Movies: 
"Comedies. Dumb & Dumber. I like Jim Carrey."

Last Book Read:
"Oh, I'm not really a big book guy, you know?"

Favorite TV Shows: 
"CSI, probably."

Musical Tastes:
"Mostly dance or hip hop."

First Job:
"Never had one."

First Car:
"Lada, Russian."

Current Car:
"I have a Mercedes (white)."

Pregame Feeling:
"I try not to think about it. I just try to relax and see goals in the game."

Favorite Meal: 
"I like sushi and steak."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: 

Greatest Sports Moment:
"It was the first goal in the NHL. And beating Canada in the world juniors."

Favorite Uniforms: 
"Rangers, obviously (laughs). You know what? I've always been playing in my career in blue and white, so whatever is that. The Rangers is blue and white with a little bit of red."

Closest NHL Friends(s): 
"Alex Ponikarovsky in Toronto."

Funniest Player Encountered:
"Who, me (laughs)? I don't know."

Favorite Non-Hockey Sports:
"I like to watch the NFL and play tennis."

Favorite Arena(s) To Play:
"I like Chicago. Montreal is pretty nice arena. MSG is something special. And Vancouver’s GM Place."

Funny Hockey Memory: 
"About my shin pads, again I say. That's pretty funny. (Didn't you get hit on the shins at all?) I played without them, I didn't get hurt. Coach actually figured it out after the second game, (he) pulled one of the guys, sat him down and gave me his shin pads."

Favorite Players To Watch: 
"I try not to watch too much hockey, you know? Try to spend time with family. (Other sports?) Federer. FC Barcelona. Manchester United."

Last Vacation:
"Last off-season, Turks and Caicos."

Most Memorable Goal:
"The biggest, I would say all the goals I scored in overtime. One of them."

Personality Qualities Most Admired: 
"Just nice, simple guys. No liars. I don't like people who are lying. Just normal guy, nothing special. Truthfulness. Don't like the guys who are lying."

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