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OHL’s Steelheads vs. AHL’s Griffins: which new logo is better?

The OHL’s Mississauga Steelheads and AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins unveiled new logos Tuesday. The Steelheads eliminated the word mark and went with a circular logo, while the Griffins made a big update to their mascot for the first time in 20 seasons.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

It’s not often that two teams unveil new logos on the same day, but Tuesday both the OHL’s Mississauga Steelheads and AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins debuted brand new primary marks.

Trouble for the Steelheads is there’s a clearcut winner and it’s certainly not the OHL club. While the new Mississauga crest stays true to what the club has worn over the past three seasons, it’s not enough of a departure to really even feel like a new logo. All the updated features are ones that were included previously, and the only thing removed was the Steelheads word mark.

Previously, the logo had the trout leaping across the top of the Steelheads name, with a small bar underneath reading “Mississauga.” The ‘A’ of the Steelheads word mark contained a maple leaf as a nod to Canada. The updated logo dropped the Steelheads name and placed Mississauga in a rounded border with a maple leaf after the city.

But where the Steelheads logo suffers most is that the trout looks more shocked than it does angry. While it’s true that you can only do so much with what’s given, it’s hard to really say whether or not the new Steelheads logo is even an improvement over the old one. And when compared to the Griffins logo, which was revealed on the same day, it’s not even that close.

It’s easy to say that Grand Rapids, with the Griffins moniker, has much more to work with when it comes to designing a new crest. Regardless of that, though, the logo is simply more visually appealing. The Griffins’ new crest — which is actually an updated version of a logo the team has used since 2012 — features an angry griffin with its arms around the skyline of Grand Rapids, protecting the city atop a new Griffins word mark. It’s sharp, the colors pop and overall it’s a big change from the prior crest, which is what fans should want in an updated logo.

The Griffins have even updated their color scheme with the new crest, switching from the previous blue, red and white to black, red and white. The subtle change is enough to make the Griffins’ new logo look and feel like a new crest, even if it is only an updated version.

Who do you think made the better change: Mississauga with the new Steelhead or Grand Rapids with an updated Griffin?



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