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Oilers’ Cam Talbot loads up the Ecto-1 on new Ghostbusters mask

Cam Talbot’s Ghostbusters masks have become a staple of every new season for the netminder, and he’s preparing to roll into the new season with his version of the Ecto-1.
Dave Gunnarsson/DaveArt

Dave Gunnarsson/DaveArt

Cam Talbot has made his love for Ghostbusters quite clear over the past several seasons, and with the Oilers netminder gearing up for a new season, he’s unveiled the latest in his line of Ghostbusters-themed masks.

Talbot’s newest lid — designed, as always, by DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson — incorporates three of the most recognizable symbols from the movie franchise, and brings back a fan favorite that has appeared on Talbot’s mask before. However, unlike the character-centric masks of the past, this time Talbot’s mask is centered on the Ghostbusters’ famed mode of transportation, the Ecto-1.

The hearse-style wagon doesn’t appear in its exact same form from the films, however, as the front of the vehicle features an updated license plate, fittingly reading “T-Bot.” Take a look at Gunnarsson’s creation:

Dave Gunnarsson/DaveArt

Dave Gunnarsson/DaveArt

On the right panel of the mask is a character who has shown up on Talbot’s mask in the past, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and the instantly recognizable ghost from the Ghostbusters’ no-ghost logo — apparently nicknamed 'Moogly' — is manning the driver’s seat on the left panel of the helmet.

One of the staples of Gunnarsson’s mask in recent years has been the addition of what he calls GLOW Tech FX, which allows the paint job to illuminate when the arena goes dark. The effect looks awesome on Talbot’s mask, as the Ghostbusters ghost really pops off the helmet.

In addition to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Moogly, Talbot’s headwear in the past has featured some of the more popular Ghostbusters characters. Slimer and Zuul have both been on Talbot’s mask in the past, and his designs have even featured images of Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver from the original film.

Talbot has to be close to running out of Ghostbusters themes for his lids, though. If the well runs dry, maybe he’ll think about slapping something from the reboot on his helmet in the future.

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