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Ovechkin the 'Bond' villain? Hilarious 'Tonight Show' Superlatives are back

'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon was back again last night with another round of 'Tonight Show Superlatives,' this time using the teams in the second round of the playoffs as the centerpieces for the gag. From Brad Richards to Mikael Backlund, no player is safe from Fallon's jabs. And when it gets to John Erskine, you'll want to stick around.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

It's rare that the NHL makes its way into pop culture, but Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and his crew have shone the spotlight on how bizarre and amusing some of the player pictures can be with a game they call, "Tonight Show Superlatives."

It's a gag the Tonight Show has used before -- and one they put into the rotation before the first round of the post-season began -- but, for some reason, it's one that always works. Whether it be Fallon riffing off of the very distinctly non-American names of the players or playing entirely off of the hilarity of the player's picture, there's always at least one that's good for a chuckle. This time, it's a jab at Calgary Flames center Mikael Backlund that takes the cake. Take a look:

One really does have to wonder why, exactly, Backlund looks like he stepped out of the shower before taking his official player photo.

Things seem to go off the rails with the bit when Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins start talking about Washington Capitals defenseman John Erskine, who was voted, "Most likely to be woken up every morning by his dog and say, 'Really, Carl?'" But if you stick with it, the payoff is right around the corner, coming when the next slide finally appears and it's New York Rangers winger Carl Hagelin. All that talk about Carl, and he was there the whole time.

Here's hoping the third round of the playoffs gets the same treatment, because there's definitely more where these came from.


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