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Watch passionate Coyotes fan Tase Glendale mayor at charity event

Arizona Coyotes fan Ronda Pearson spoke passionately about the team at Wednesday’s Glendale city council meeting regarding the team’s lease agreement, and now she Tased mayor Jerry Weiers at a charity event. A group raised $10,000 for Pearson to get the chance to Tase Weiers.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

During a Wednesday special city council meeting in Glendale, Ronda Pearson spoke passionately about her support of the Arizona Coyotes. Pearson made waves for her passionate thrashing of Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers and now she’s making news following another run-in with her favorite mayor.

At a charity event Saturday afternoon for the 100 Club of Arizona, a group that helps raise money for first responders in the state, Weiers agreed that if someone were to pledge $10,000, he would stand in and get shot with a Taser gun. In accordance with the fundraiser – and after Pearson’s tirade against Weiers – fans raised part of the money before an anonymous donor stepped in to cover the remainder of the $10,000.

And, with that, Pearson was at Saturday’s event, Taser gun in hand, firing away on Mayor Weiers. Watch the video, courtesy of NBC 12 News in Arizona, below:

Give credit to Weiers for standing in and taking the jolt, but it’s nice to see Pearson’s concern for the Glendale mayor after he gets shocked. After being shocked by Pearson, Weiers was checked out by medical personal and they said he was OK.


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