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Proteau's Blog: A Calgary rarity

- Happy Halloween, everybody. Here's what I wore to work today:

(If you're a fan of a certain vice-president infamous for, among other things, shooting hunting buddies in the face, my sincerest apologies.)

–Alexander Ovechkin and Dion Phaneuf on the same ice is a cut above your normal sophomore matchup. Any time the Flames and Capitals play each other, as they did last night in Calgary, there shouldn't be a ticket available (there wasn't). Just another reason to fix the schedule so all teams play each other at least twice.

– A newly-released study claims St. Louis is the U.S. city whose citizens are least safe. This is what happens when the study group includes the Pleau and Kitchen households.

- According to Tim Pannacio of the Philadelphia Inquirer, “it is looking more and more likely that (Ken) Hitchcock will wind up behind the bench in Phoenix, with Wayne Gretzky moving upstairs.” Doug MacLean better sneak in and grab Hitchcock while he still can.

– Media analysts like to predict the demise of newspapers, but here's a job title that could be in even greater danger: The big-city traffic reporter. Here's your latest – and only necessary update: It's busy. Everywhere. All the time. Now, back to the “Masculine Animal Name and Generic Caucasian Given Name” morning show…

– Dave Nonis spoke his mind yesterday – blasting both the league's lowering of unrestricted free agency to age 25 and its wonky schedule – and already, some people are wondering what could possibly compel him to speak out and risk the wrath of the NHL. Those people still don't get it. This league needs more of its employees to snatch newspaper and TV headlines away from other sports, and you don't do that by playing it safe.

– Getting a ton of great feedback from readers and colleagues on All-Access Pass, The Hockey News's new special magazine that takes you behind the scenes of the NHL. I hope all teams and their PR departments realize it could've been even better without the usual stalling and stonewalling from the usual suspects, and jump on board fully and completely next time around.


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