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Proteau's Blog: Alfie gets reward

• Sometimes, the hockey gods reward the game's good guys. Evidence of that was on display last night in Buffalo, where all-around solid citizen Daniel Alfredsson took a slap shot from the point that led to the Senators' game-winning goal against Buffalo. Other than team management and the wholly-deserving Martin Gerber, nobody takes more heat in Ottawa than the captain. In an ideal world, Alfredsson's effort would shut up those who continuously disparage him, but who's kidding who – it will take nothing less than a Stanley Cup title to silence those squawkers.

• The Senators' gaffe midway through the third period was symbolic of their entire season. Ottawa was in the midst of a of a 4-on-2 power play rush in Buffalo's zone when they took a bench minor for too many men on the ice. The Sabres didn't score on their ensuing man advantage, but blown opportunities have been the Sens' specialty thus far this year.

•The most recent example of Bobby Knight's unparalleled zealotry illuminates yet again the ugly side of pro sports' “win-at-all-costs” mentality. The loathsome Knight should have been fired long ago, but because he has established a lucrative cult of personality around himself, he is apologized for time and again.

• Good on the NHL for being the first major sports league to formally work with YouTube. Harnessing new media can only help ingratiate the product to new generations of fans. And the next time Ed Belfour and Alex Auld have a Mentos-and-Diet Coke-related injury incident, we'll get to see it.

• In flipping around the TV dial last night, I saw some of the latest episode of America's Next Top Model. And I watched thin young woman after thin young woman get called up on a stage, and – under the guise of learning to “act” – sob unbearably while revealing her particular real-life neuroses. Predictably, the eventual winner of the acting competition just so happened to disclose a previous attempt at suicide.

After a while of watching, I couldn't get two words out of my head: pain porn. They're adorned with glamorous veneers, but these reality shows-cum-self-help infomercials have hearts as dark as any freak show promoter's.


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