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Proteau's Blog: Bertuzzi a force?

• In his latest contribution to the Sun Media chain, Mike Keenan says there's still room in the NHL for big forwards, then provides a couple good examples. Okay, one good example.

“The Red Wings' Todd Bertuzzi and Tomas Holmstrom have shown just how effective the bigger players can be, even in this so-called new era of the sport,” Keenan wrote. “Take Bertuzzi. He's a big man. And he has been a force.”

A force, Mike? Really? I'm not saying Bertuzzi hasn't improved with each passing playoff series, but in my humble opinion, his seven points – and minus-two rating – in 14 post-season games isn't exactly powerhouse territory.

• Kudos to former steroid aficionado Jason Giambi for speaking out and dropping a major league mea culpa over his checkered past and offering advice on what baseball should have done to address its shameful relationship with performance-enhancing drugs.

“I was wrong for doing (steroids),” Giambi told USA Today. “What we should have done a long time ago was stand up — players, ownership, everybody — and said: ‘We made a mistake.'

The NHL would do well to heed Giambi's words and apologize for (a) the unbalanced schedule; (b) mandatory visors; (c) hits from behind and to the head; (d) the move from ESPN to Versus; (e) the Blackhawks' broadcasting policy; (f) Bill Wirtz and Jeremy Jacobs in general; and (g) touch icing. (I could go on, but the alphabet only has so many letters.)

• Interesting Canadian Press interview with unparalleled hockey bust Alexandre Daigle the other day. My favorite part came when the No. 1 pick in the 1993 entry draft spoke of the most difficult part of his NHL career:

“The worst was the media,” Daigle said. “I'm not a person who wants bad things for anybody so when bad things are said or written about you, it's tough.”

Yep, it's always the media. If it wasn't for us, Daigle undoubtedly would be on the verge of breaking Wayne Gretzky's records right now.

Note to other media types: let's focus all our dastardly efforts on Sidney Crosby a.s.a.p. – we're obviously not doing a good enough job on the kid.


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