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Proteau's Blog: Big decisions

• I don't know what I was more disappointed in this season: The Sopranos' final episode or the Ottawa Senators in the Stanley Cup final.

Actually, I do – The Sopranos had to be the biggest letdown since 24's Jack Bauer decided Audrey was worth saving.

• Speaking of the Sens, they'd best quickly make up their minds on whether to retain the services of head coach Bryan Murray. According to the Ottawa Sun, the Blue Jackets are interested in Murray taking over their vacant GM job.

And why shouldn't Columbus be interested? It's common knowledge how much Murray contributed to building this year's Stanley Cup champions in Anaheim – and he'd already have more than a few solid building blocks in place in Ohio, with none of the lofty expectations he would return to in Canada's capital. Sounds like a pretty attractive alternative to me.

• With the NHL draft less than two weeks away, I thought readers would like to have their NHL Draft Drinking Game guidelines set out in advance.

The rules are simple, really; you hoist your glass every time one of the following things takes place:

-A GM or team executive thanks the host city (Columbus, in this case) for their hospitality;

-The home crowd boos the selection – and even the announcement of the selection – of their most hated rival. (Brace yourselves, Red Wings fans);

-A GM makes his pick, then tells a sideline reporter, “We had him rated much higher” or, “We're overjoyed he wasn't picked by anyone before us.”

-A TV analyst uses any or all of the words “upside,” “can't-miss,” or “projected as.”

Feel free to add your own imbibing triggers in the feedback section.


How about a drink every time a GM congratulates the Stanley Winning Team???!!! Always hated that one....

- Brian F

How about a drink for every first rounder that flops, which is usually many of them? i.e. check the Avs and Wings draft records.....certain G.M.'s should have stopped drinking and paid attention, such as my team's past G.M., Mr. Sinden......I drink every time I watch my team, the Bruins, because of piss poor drafting.. but Adam P. is correct on the rules otherwise

- Quimby

Take a drink every time the commentator says a team went "off the board with that pick."

- Jim R

Take a drink any time the commentators make a comment about there being questions about a players size or skating.

- Mike

Adam, You know that I love your blog and agree with most of what you write....however the Soprano's ending was pure brilliance. It must have been 7 or 8 episodes ago where Tony was asked how he thought he would die....his answer was that it would all just fade to black and you would not see it coming. Plus it was always a shocking show, so why should the finale have the closure that we all wanted...this was a great way to go out...fade to black with out seeing it coming. Regards,

- Ian

How about a shot each time a player from Europe gets taken or is involved in a trade? Here is a handy guide of what to do for each nationality: Russian/Belarussian/Latvian-Stoli vodka Finn-Finlandia vodka Swede-Absolut vodka German-Jagermeister (can be used for Czechs too!) or Rumpleminze Swiss-Goldschlager or Absinthe if you've previously been sick on Goldschlager Czech/Slovak-Slivovitz

- Tony


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