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Proteau's Blog: Biron for Belfour?

• Heard an interesting trade rumor from someone close to the Panthers organization over the weekend: Gary Roberts and Ed Belfour to Buffalo for Martin Biron.

Florida is looking for an improvement over Alex Auld and the Sabres could use a couple veterans (and soon-to-be unrestricted free agents) for their playoff push, so, unlike most rumors, this deal makes sense for both sides. It particularly suits the Sabres, who would not only improve their lineup, but also thwart the hopes of division rivals in Ottawa and Toronto, both of whom want Roberts for themselves.

• Looks as if the Edmonton Oilers are facing the reality of their bleaker-by-the-day chances at making the post-season.
Trading Marc-Andre Bergeron to the Islanders for blueline prospect Denis Grebeshkov isn't going to make them stronger in the short-term (Grebeshkov is currently playing in Russia), but it will help them in future seasons.

And since Edmonton is eight points out of a playoff spot with 23 games left to play, future seasons are likely all they have to look forward to.

• If it's just about over for the Oilers, it's really over for the Avalanche.
Colorado lost 5-4 Sunday to Vancouver – their eighth defeat in their last 12 games – leaving them at the bottom of the Northwest Division, nine points out of a playoff spot. A post-season fantasy pool without Joe Sakic in it just won't be the same.

• Caught
Breach this weekend, starring my unrequited love
Laura Linney and
Steve TambelliniÂ…I mean,
Chris Cooper. It was good enough to make me forget how much I dislike Reese Witherspoon's husband, and that's no small achievement.


Roberts and Belfour make a combined 3.75 mill. Biron makes 2.128. Gaustad's (750) salary is the only salary on the Sabres that's open. The combined salary is 2.878. Thank God the Sabres can't afford 2 over the hill ex-stars. Why not go for Kevyn Adams instead?

- Mike Clifford

Prospect Denis Grebeshkov could be interesting trade bait, say for a team like the Flyers. Kevin Lowe has had his eyes on Joni Pitkanen, who is considered a future star in this league and a backbone of the rebuilding process in Philly. But if Philly can get a similiar calibre player in return to fill Joni's spot, who cares if Grebeshkov is playing Russia today, the Flyers aren't going anywhere this year, no hurry. Whereas Edmonton is in desprate situation and need to make a deal now. This trade involving Marc-Andre Bergeron just didn't make sense, I don't think Lowe would give up on gaining a playoff spot so early. He's got something up his sleeve.

- Conrad

That would be the dummest move the Sabres could do. Biron picks the Sabres up with his attitude and play. Ryan Miller feeds off Biron. And it seems to me that they love playing on the same team. Plus the bost he gives the rest of the team. I know that the Sabres need to get a solid foreword because of injuries but why Not get rid of Kalinin who seems to suck in Buffalo. Maybe he would do better in a different city. They need to get rid of Kalinin because he makes so many mistakes that have cost the sabres games. He the only cancer in Buffalo. Go out and get someone who wants to be traded for aa fresh start. I don't know who but anybody would be better that Kalinin.

- Dan

Just to correct Mike Clifford, the sabres can afford two over the hill vetrans as it's not the whole years salary that goes against the cap, only what's left, so this trade still makes alot of sense...biron will move in the off season if not now so might as well get some vetrans to lead a playoff push....buffalo will need it if they want to win

- JR

Regarding Adam Proteau's blog about the rumor of Biron/Belfour, he should pay closer attention to not only the Sabres' salary cap situation but GM Darcy Regier's public statement that any trade Buffalo makes has to be "dollar-for-dollar". Roberts and Belfour earn more combined than Biron does - all of which already undermines an otherwise ridiculous rumor started by fans and not knowledgable media sources.

- TJ Schmudde

great trade for florida biron in his last three starts has been really solid. but he only has had 17 starts this season but has proformed very well in and plus buffalo needs a few more vetrains. but the only really hard questionis what will belfour do the buffalo will probably want belfour to help tighten up millers game

- kaz

You must be kidding me. What in Good's name would the Sabres want in Gary Roberts. No disrespect to the man and his playing career, but, the guy's a fossil. I'd be more inclined to coax Gordie Howe out of retirement - Heck, why not just pick up Oral Roberts. As for Belfour, no disrespect to him either, but, this is a no-brainer, I could see him going to a team that needs goaltending, like, say Toronto, or Montreal. For that matter, even though it goes against the supposed "cardinal rule" of trading within the division, I could see a straight up Biron for Darcy Tucker deal, or a Biron and considerations for Souray and Aebischer deal. Souray will be a UFA, at season's end, and Montreal can't afford to be picky, especially when it comes down to not making the play-offs...and for that matter, neither can Toronto...those would be more realistic, in terms of Buffalo getting anything of value.

- Dan Ayad


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